On this day in 2020

I got a job with the Census. A month later we went into lockdown. I went to be finger printed and was told I had the position. Then heard nothing else. I called as and was told many positions were canceled. That was kind of it. My job just kind of floated away. You can’t claim unemployment on a job you never worked a day on lol.

If you ever want to save money for real

Get one of these babies from Amazon. I was able to save quite a few hundred dollars in here. Thing is unless you are seriously patient and have a delicate touch you won’t be getting your dollar bills out. This is not for those like me who wanted to save….until the next month I needed it. This is for people with true will power. You might as well say bye to whatever money you put in lol. It’s excellent for those who have a long term goal and they won’t need to bust in. This thing is strong beyond belief. I still don’t know how one would go about destroying it and keeping the money intact. As for me I pried money out. One 20 10 and fifty dollar bill at a time. I did lightly tear some bills for some reason the slot is sharp. So buy this and really save and remove money if you can at your own risk lol! I still have it for when I’m ready to save again.

We need more public bathrooms now!

Most businesses in town have started saying “No public Restrooms” whether you make a purchase or not. All along city streets you see signs of humans going to the bathroom anywhere they can. This is unacceptable especially when we are trying to protect our health. You would think during a pandemic someone somewhere would make sanitation issues a priority but no. In fact our cities have become more dirty because people can’t go to the bathroom as they need to. People are elderly, pregnant, on medications, ill and otherwise just need to go to a bathroom while they are not home. Not everyone has a job that has a bathroom. Not everyone is near one of the very few places that will let you in to go. It is by discretion as well. This means anytime they don’t like the crowd they can simply place an “Out of Order” sign up and be done with it. More must be done. This poor person seemed to have just grabbed something and urinated into it. I saw this while walking down an L.A. street. That was kind considering the amounts of urine trails we now see on the sidewalk. It is human to go to the toilet. We should all be able to.

When Rose was on Flower St

In Downtown Los Angeles. These things are such a kick when they happen. Last year I even got a P.O. Box on Flower St. Why? Because I wanted my mail to say Rose Bouquet on xxxxxx Flower St… However when I got the box it said nothing of Flower St. unless you used their alternative address which they did not really want. So it ended up being P.O. Box xxxxxx instead of Flower St. being mentioned at all. So I kept the box for 6 months. I had not one piece of mail sent there. So at the end I turned in my keys and gave up the box. So yes that was 75.00 wasted dollars. For some reason I also got cards printed with the address as well back when I believed in it. Now I need new cards lol. Yep..

Last year on this day

I visited the Blue Bottle Coffee shop in my beloved Malibu. Look at how things were. With their curious mix of paper cups and metal utensils. They had a nice seating area and very good coffee. I bought a hot cup as well as a cold brew. The employees were very kind and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I wonder how they are doing these days?


If you don’t want flowers do not sell flowers. Look at these they are all dead. Funny part is they are not on sale or anything.

Happy 5th Anniversary

To my very first embroidery patch that says Sunday! A woman in Ohio still has this baby. I am always so grateful to Facebook for keeping and reminding me of the memories. If not I would never have remembered when I made this. Embroidery is an amazing skill. I hope to learn how to make amazing creations doing it. This heart Sunday patch is made with hot pink denim filled with foam and sewing with metallic pink embroidery thread.

Heart shaped Sunday Patch

A vision of fruit

A vision of fruit. I bought this along with some grapes from a woman selling fruit with her daughter. People around us were singing about Jesus. The fruit lady gave fruit to a homeless guy right in front of me. Three others were buying off of her right then. Honestly I was on my way to the supermarket to buy icecream and rootbeer lol. Yet I bought this delish fruit. In my mind it represents the new changes I want to make for me and others around me. We have to really take care of our bodies more so now than ever. In my life I’ve eaten any kind of way and now I want to change that. The prices she gave were awesome and it showed you really can eat well if you make better choices🌷

Praise the Lord Jesus!

I want to thank Him for giving me eyes to see, new ears to hear, new hands to create, new feet to run, and a new heart to love. With His continued guidance and mercy I hope to accomplish His will for my life.