My Easter buckets and bags I made for many people:))

I made some Easter buckets and bags for the neighbors. You can’t see it but they contain… boxes of skittles, junior mints, peeps jelly beans, a gold bunny chocolate, Starburst.. rose apple juice, q sparkling water, a lottery ticket, an egg with a 10 dollar bill, cotton candy. bunny pasta soup and crackers, not mention cute bags lol

My first Zoom!

Guys I just got out of the coolest event with the great Julia Dinsmore and her friend Barbara it was so awesome to hear the ideas these women have. Their beautiful friendship and how they are tackling problems in today’s times. It was such an honor to be able to hear first hand dearest Julia pouring out poetry from her spirit while her audience was in awe as I was. Julia has been a friend of mine on Twitter/Facebook and we have a few mutual friends. I am confident that Julia will continue to drop needed gems on the world as well as achieve her own dreams of a home with herself and her grandchildren. I have watched her go through insurmountable challenges with her children in one of the coldest states. Nothing seems too great for her. However with time ones heart can tire as well as the body. Which is why I’m hopeful that she can rest and have an amazing quality of life as we all should as we age. I encourage people who have older relatives or friends to be sure you help them in as many ways as you can. I can’t wait to support Julia in as many ways as I can moving forward. She is true blessing to know.

Have many ways to give and receive money

As we know things are uncertain in our world. In good and bad ways. We are now online which means we have more opportunities to help and be helped. This is why we must get and keep our payment options up to date so we can be ready for anything. Years ago I shared with my followers I needed a small amount of money and a few really wanted to help. Except at the time I truly did not have too many ways to receive money. In fact all I could do was maybe pick up from a wire service. Thankfully I had valid ID. Which can also be an issue. Keep your ID current and valid so you can cash a check. So you can pick up a wire transfer. Or any other thing that requires you to prove who you are. Things are very strict and rightfully so. If you are dealing with a person out of state or country things are even more strict so it is important to have your thing together. The more in touch with technology you are the better. The easier it will be for you to give and receive money. Be sure your emails are current, accessible and connected to your payment services. For example if you had PayPal years ago can you access the email you connected? Is your current phone number current and connected? Too often people just do not keep up with their own information. Then at the time someone sends them something they have to scramble trying to redo things. Do not let this happen. Do you have a bank account connected to a service like Cash App or Venmo? Is it current? Do you have a positive account balance? These things matter when you transfer money to your bank. If your bank account can’t connect or you are overdrawn you won’t be able to get your money. Unless you have a withdrawal card from the service. If you do is it current? If you have a mailing address with a friend or family member from years ago are they still accepting mail on your behalf? Check with them to be sure because a person could be sending you something great and you’ll have a difficult time getting it. This is why it is good to have some sort of mailing service paid for especially if you have an unstable living situation. Keep it current so everything with go through as smooth as possible. Sign up for as many payment services as you can. Because people are pretty picky about what they will and will not use. For example I know some who detest PayPal…so I also have Venmo. Don’t forget to set up most banks service Zelle. Use your current accessible phone number and email address. I emphasize this because these services send texts and emails. If you haven’t used these in a while they want to verify it is you. So if you can’t remember what email you used or no longer have your phone number your money will be in limbo. Which will also be frustrating for the sender as well. They start panicking when a person can’t pick up what they sent. Take time to update and sign up for new ways to receive and send money. Take time to read new rules. Check and renew all paperwork. You may really need it and you’ll be a lot easier to help.

Thank you kind strangers

Thank you to the gentleman in the elevator who randomly gave me 7 dollars yesterday. As we were about to step out he reached into his wallet and me the cash which was 7 dollars. I didn’t know at first because it was crumped. I asked why? He said you’re looking very nice and I wanted to do something special, omg. I appreciated it so much! So I’m going down the street and a lady who normally asks for money is there and I had just gotten this seven dollars. So she asks me and I give her 5 dollars. All is well. Then later I’m inside the store and the same lady I gave the 5 to says I owe you 5 dollars. I’m like that was literally a couple hours ago. Omg. She says I have to pay you back. She has a 20 she needed changed and she hands me the money back. Unbelievable. 2 kind strangers in 2 hours.

Yesterday’s ‘Doux

Omg this look was so fun. I had red roses, stuffed with Mikimoto pearl sticks, Charlie Brown orchids, Hawaiian orchids, green cymbidium orchids and violet pampas grasses. It was April 1st and fabulous!

Take that picture!

As we live our daily lives we may or may not realize all that we see in the world around us may change. Sometimes quicker than we know. Even if we do not feel we are historians our photos can capture amazing before images and astonishing afters. While the professionals have certain things in mind when they take pictures we can capture places and events that are significant. Or may become so in the future. I consider myself an amateur photographer. I have no target ideas of what to take pictures of. As our world has changed so drastically I’m so glad I took the picture! Not only did I take the picture I kept the picture lol! That’s the second most important part. As we know there are plenty of photo storage websites and our own email services can really help preserve what you took pictures/video of. All of the buildings and businesses we assumed would be around forever really have not been. The luxury of taking photos while sitting inside a coffee shop or restaurant became an anomaly. Not to mention details like people wearing masks or not can really show what era our pictures are from. I also like taking pictures of things on the ground. Anything from art to items sitting there including trash. Because those things show what was going on at the time. What artists were promoting themselves, what issues were important, what people’s favorite drinks are and more. It shows neighborhood suffering such as used needles, urine trails and cups showing how going to the bathroom outside has never been more prevalent. The insane amounts of trash on most city streets show a deep need for better sanitation services and more trash cans available for those who would throw things away. Over time city pictures will show where you’ve been what you did and preserve memories that are not just an important day in your life. Seeing how fast things are changing I feel an urgency in taking as many cool pics as possible. Will they mean something? Maybe. I invite you all to start taking pictures all around you and where you go. You’ll find an amazing new world you may have been over looking. You’ll probably develop new subjects and places you’ll enjoy photographing. By the way I do appreciate all of the people who take time to take pictures of me in the world as well. 💐

Everything thing can get smeared when you are wearing your mask. You can also get indentations in your face from wearing it lol!

On this day in 2017

I posted this and said that I was going to be in this book more often. I have to admit even today I need to do more actual Bible reading. However I listen to people on You Tube for hours at a time during a week. Yet I know it is not the same. Oh I do not belong to a church. I do not have a particular denomination. I just believe in Jesus and certain aspects of the Christian faith. This Bible and the orchids were pink because of course that was during the time when everything in my life was pink lol. I actually left this Bible on a train about a month after I got it.

A wedding party in 2019

I had just gotten off the bus in my favorite Downtown L.A. when a wedding party was on the street coming right towards me. I know they probably had professional photographers for their event. Yet I felt so happy capturing these! I have been really lucky catching after the wedding parties lol. This had to be my biggest. Everyone was so nice and I told the Bride she was beautiful.

Goodbye 1102

A few years ago I was very fortunate to live at an address that has my birthday numbers 1102. That never happened before and I don’t imagine it will again. While I was living there I had the amazing luck of getting a Google Voice phone number that also ended in 1102. Well today I received an email saying my number had expired. I let it because the building has been torn down as well.

Pink velvet hearts and bows oh my

I cant believe it has been just over 5 years since I started getting serious about making nearly everything I wear. Today is not the exact date I started. However these items were among my first creations that long ago. This is a heart back hat,  side hair ornament and a bow. The next is a large heart shape purse I made in its entirety. That was the first one I ever made. This was back in my all pink phase of life lol. I just loved this fabric.

My latest heart purse cover over

Check out my latest heart shape purse cover over:).. The outside is covered with sumptuous red velvet and trimmed with decadent black lace. The original lining is inside untouched. This baby is a part of my personal collection however I do plan to cover other bags with exciting concepts and offer them for sale for 300.00 and up. The purse alone costs a 100.00 plus the fabrics and the time it takes doing this work by hand:)… 💐

On this day in 2020

This was the message on the Wiltern Theatre building. It was very eerie. They honestly thought they’d be back up and running in a couple weeks lol. Sadly not much has happened in the building even a year later though they’ve changed their marquee messages a few times. The building seems to be very well maintained.

On this day in 2020

I got my first Essential Worker letter. I hope this won’t be needed again. It was so weird thinking about a person coming up to ask me what I am doing outside of my home.

Dave’s Hot Chicken is delish and they once did me a kindness

I sometimes catch the bus out front of their location. So there I was on the bus stop and a woman who worked there came out and gave me and another lady bags of food. In mine were two orders of their chicken and sides. She said people did not come for their order. Now stuff like this never happens to me. I thanked her profusely. Lately they’ve been making headlines because of how wildly popular they are becoming. It’s true at this location people are parking anywhere they can. The to go orders are jumping not to mention in person orderIng is insane. I do collect pennies and for some reason I always find pennies around there lol! So thank you to the cool employees. This picture shows some of the pick up orders ready to go as well as a Dave’s Hot Chicken sticker on the bus stop lol!

On this day in 2020 I’ll never forget how I felt when I first saw this

The pandemic had just begun last year and there was so much fear about people able to keep clean enough. So right near a train station they installed this as well as a portable bathroom. As things often are in L.A. this sink did not turn on for long and the portable bathroom was rarely maintained. We need more bathrooms and sinks that actually work. Even though there was so much consciousness about cleanliness a lot of things just weren’t maintained. We through a period in which even paying customers could not access bathrooms. Our cities all over have serious problems with public urination and everything else.

On this day in 2016

During my all pink living days this happened. Of course the Metro no longer gives paper transfers or sells paper passes so this is history lol! Thank you Facebook Memories!

Build up and maintain your credit

It’s becoming more important than ever. I really wish I had been working on it for a whole lot longer. I just had no idea how important credit would become. I thought if I had no credit I’d have no problems. It felt so good not owing anyone at all. Yet now that I finally want to do things me having no credit is adversely affecting a lot of things. I found out they are using credit to better identify you. They use credit for many jobs. They use credit for apartment and some car rentals. Having and paying for some sort of utility is becoming vital as credit as well as deep ID verification. For years I had no idea this stuff was going on. Even to be added to another persons credit as a user they run your credit. Right now I’m among the lowest. I’m hoping this will change as I focus my energy in building my personal as well as business credit. You know there are many people in my position who are living with other people and not really building credit of their own. Simply because they are not on a lease or any utility bill. These actions may seem okay for a while but what is happening is you have no legal right to the place you live. You can’t even get on some of many available programs because your name isn’t on anything pertaining to where you live. So if you can somehow put a bill in your name or get on to a lease the better it will be for you in the long run. Credit is the key to so many things we do in society we can no longer afford to relax.

I love it when people have collections of my paintings.

The heart shaped one arrived the other day in Kansas City, Mo. It just makes me so happy people love my work as they do. This picture is from Carla’s Instagram. When she first got my painting she made a video and music in Facebook. I’m so honored and happy. as you can see in the photo I enclosed one of my photo postcards which have been a hit. I recently had to order more because people want to buy them lol!

The LACMA Lamps are still up!

A while back I heard they were coming down but no as of today 3-15-21 they are still very much operational. Only thing is there is a security guard sitting right next to them. a guy asked him if they still lit up. They do when it gets dark. He is also making sure people are masked up. Anyway it was just so nice to see such a landmark fully intact💐

Things are even pinker than you think.. 2016

My quote was acknowledged by the world famous She Quotes and featured. This was back in my all pink wearing and living phase my little slogan was “Things are even pinker than you think”. I admit I don’t have a phrase that was as perfect as that now for my life these days lol.

My Newest Painting

Called Clothes Line On Another Planet. I really love these heart wooden canvases. During Valentine’s Day month this year I was able to get a few of these babies. I love how they are just ready to be hung. These hearts are fairly large. I need to find more. I’m happy to report this baby has been so,d and is on its way to Rhode Island💐.

The Price Was Right

The time was wrong. It’s another case of right thing wrong time. The news was still really bad all over. I submitted my name and I really did not think they were going to call until this year if at all. I was shocked when she called in less than a week. Now any other time in life me and my whole family would have been jumping for joy. I could have gotten some kind of congratulations but instead the world reality set in. The unknown was more on everyone’s mind. Rightfully so. It kind of went like “ wow that’s great, but it’s probably not a good idea to be on a game show right now.” It did not help watching some You Tube clips seeing how intimate people were in hi fives and what not. So after not too long I went from joy to sadness. Yet knowing at that time it was the right thing. People amount mattered. Touching or not was an issue. Yet the mistake on my part was saying anything before I did full research on how it would be done. As you can see here’s how it went. It is still an awesome memory even if I did not get to go. So many people were shocked I didn’t just chance it. However sometimes it just is not meant to me as many things weren’t for many people in 2020.

What a way to display lol

I made this dress by hand a few years ago. When I posted it online this was the picture I used. There is something kind of sexy seeing a dress on the floor lol! not to mention you have really see how the dress is styled. This was back when pink was the only color I wore:) 💕

I’m about to give away my dress form

It’s true. I will miss my Scarlett Sew Hanson very much. However after having it almost a year I ran into a few issues I can’t correct. I make free size clothes. In bigger sizes and widths. The shoulders are not wide enough to fully see how a dress will look on anyone. My form is red so when I put sheer fabrics over it you can see this pinky image right through the dress. Worst part is it cuts off at a weird place. Let’s just say nothing about the form is anatomically correct lol! So things are longer than they are. The breast area is in no way accurate either. So now the necklines I create are just not really seen. Now when I first got it I was thrilled. I loved having in my room and letting her model my stuff. Then I also ran into a long dress problem. Pretty much long dresses are on the floor by several inches. What’s my solution? Welp I’m going to literally put the garments on a hanger and place them on a hook on the wall. Then anyone can better see how a dress really looks. No contrasting color issues. No length issues. No needing to try and fit the dress around the form’s shape. Just a nice creation on a hanger lol! Seriously I can even take a hanger outside and hang my garment from a tree or fence or just about anywhere for added fun. The other issue I had was being able to move the form around the house. It was surprisingly hard because the stand is not firmly made. Anyway I just know someone else will better be able to use it and enjoy it very much. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to have full sized mannequins with heads. Now that I know how red kind of clashes I’ll probably stick with black and white ones. I also never pinned my dresses on it so I never used a lot of the features the way someone else probably will. This is my latest dress I made. It’s light blue trimmed with black lace and black tulle with silver sparkles brought together with a thick black ribbon tie:). So this is her last outfit she modeled for me. ❤️

On this day in 2020

Excitement turned to painful realizations of the gravity of my situation. A woman on my page spoke to her boss about hiring me. I spoke to her boss on the phone for almost an hour and he was awesome. The job seemed perfect and I could work at home. Therein was an unexpected problem. I live with my sister and another older roommate. My sister has an outside job and sometimes suffers headaches. Well this job would have me speaking on the phone handling my boss’s clients at 6 in the morning. Because his company’s time zone is 3 hours ahead. Now mind you I was thrilled to get this job beyond belief. I had so many rejections or plain no call backs. Everything was just starting to turn weird in the world. This woman put in the max good word for me. I even accepted the job offer making good money. However I did not ask my sister how she would feel. What arrangements I could make about timing etc. then the harsh truth hit. The roommate offered to have me work in her room but my sister would not hear of it. Because she cared about her as well. I share this because you really have to think things through before you do things. Sometimes you have others in your life that really are priority. It’s a case of right thing wrong way. Now I admit I was devastated. I just hated the fact that I would have to miss the only opportunity I had in too long to admit lol. I was mad that my sister’s word was kind of the final thing. I was mad at the future because I knew from then nothing else could happen like that. If the opportunity needed any privacy or me speaking on the phone for long periods of time. As the pandemic happened many people found themselves needing to work from home instantly. They needed their families to be co-operative. However I am sure many lost their jobs right then because their home conditions would not permit such a thing. Sad but true. I went from a high to a crash but lesson learned. So I had to call the new boss and quit on the day I was supposed to start. Hardest call in the world. Then I had to tell my Facebook friend that I had to turn the job down. I cried lol. Of course I got over it pretty quick. It is what it is. Anyway of this anniversary I want to thank Diana for the chance she is still on my page. Of course I have to applaud my sister for being honest and considerate for others at the same time. It just was not meant to be.

Happy National Floral Designer Day

Shout out to all of you peeps in the floral industry making people happy with their take on floral creations. I for one love creating my floral hairdresses. I want to thank those who also wished me on this day too. Above all I want to thank my Florian Superhero who has kept these creations going for all this time. Sometimes I receive the most beautiful arrangements I can tell were so lovingly created. Then I have to take them apart in order to wear the flowers. Yet I want to say how beautiful some people’s work really is.

Here I am at the dentist

On my second to last appointment 02-25-21 wooooo! I tell you I can’t wait to smile in pictures again. My heart is smiling but my face is not or it’s covered in a mask lol! So mid March I’ll be the new me:)

The biggest painting I ever sold!

This was a true honor. A woman on my Facebook told me she wanted a pic of art for her office in New York. She said she needed a size 2ft x3ft piece of art. I had never drawn anything that huge before and was so excited about getting to work. So it took me about a week before I put my paint brush to canvas. My first challenge was finding this particular size. Thankfully Amazon came through. They sent it fast and it came in a box. Which was great because as I would find out later packaging and mailing would be an issue lol! I used metallic acrylic colors. It took me about two weeks to finish it. I was so nervous about showing her this painting. I was hoping she’d love it as much as I enjoyed painting it. As you will see it’s like a view through a window. All of the pretty flowers with hearts. As we know hearts often occur in nature so it fit right in. Since the paints are metallic it looks amazing at night well. Now I had never mailed anything this huge and shocked out how much the initial price quotes were. To be honest I charged her 30.00 lol! Boy was that wrong. Meanwhile I ordered the canvas from Amazon for free. I never imagined how much it would be. I had help from my fam wrapping and then re-wrapping. I also borrowed money to ship it. I took a loss however it was worth it because my customer was happy. So the first mailing cost quotes were between 254-368.00 from California to Brooklyn New York. Needless to say I came home and nearly died lol. My fam was very helpful and re packaged it in a way that made it lighter and I borrowed money for the shipping cost. So we went back to the helpful peeps at UPS. They kept saying go down to the Post Office for lower rates lol. Yet I just could not travel to another place with this giant painting. So my new quote was expensive but bearable. It was 108.11. It was like yay! So we sent it. A few days later she received it and loved and she showed me where she hung it on her wall. It was so amazing to see my art way in New York on a wall for all to see. So thank you dearest Francine!

Taken in 2019 the Santa Monica Apple Store

I imagine it will never look like this again. It was funny because I just had an urge to take a picture of all of the people inside. I always marveled at how see through Apple always was. How they let people touch everything. Needless to say I’m glad I got these pics:)

Ever see dropped lottery tickets on the sidewalk?

Back when I did I would find tickets that were actually winners. Like this one for 3 bucks. The highest lottery ticket I ever found was 40.00. I really enjoyed collecting them. The game themes and cards are always so cool too. I have put this hobby to the side for the most part. However if a ticket really calls to me I’ll take a look. If it’s a winner you know I’m picking it up lol!

My work up of my tag!

As you know I have been making clothes, accessories and costumes for other people for a while now. So I decided it was time to get some tags for the clothes. I’m so excited about these babies. They look beyond my expectations so far. These are made by a guy named Ryan.

On this day in 2016 I posted this

Sadly I am not doing this anymore. However I have found other great ways to give food and money to those in need. As time goes on the needs are real and ever changing. Back then I had a charitable idea that was more in line with my obsession with the color pink. I now embrace all colors.

On this day in 2020

I got a job with the Census. A month later we went into lockdown. I went to be finger printed and was told I had the position. Then heard nothing else. I called as and was told many positions were canceled. That was kind of it. My job just kind of floated away. You can’t claim unemployment on a job you never worked a day on lol.

If you ever want to save money for real

Get one of these babies from Amazon. I was able to save quite a few hundred dollars in here. Thing is unless you are seriously patient and have a delicate touch you won’t be getting your dollar bills out. This is not for those like me who wanted to save….until the next month I needed it. This is for people with true will power. You might as well say bye to whatever money you put in lol. It’s excellent for those who have a long term goal and they won’t need to bust in. This thing is strong beyond belief. I still don’t know how one would go about destroying it and keeping the money intact. As for me I pried money out. One 20 10 and fifty dollar bill at a time. I did lightly tear some bills for some reason the slot is sharp. So buy this and really save and remove money if you can at your own risk lol! I still have it for when I’m ready to save again.

We need more public bathrooms now!

Most businesses in town have started saying “No public Restrooms” whether you make a purchase or not. All along city streets you see signs of humans going to the bathroom anywhere they can. This is unacceptable especially when we are trying to protect our health. You would think during a pandemic someone somewhere would make sanitation issues a priority but no. In fact our cities have become more dirty because people can’t go to the bathroom as they need to. People are elderly, pregnant, on medications, ill and otherwise just need to go to a bathroom while they are not home. Not everyone has a job that has a bathroom. Not everyone is near one of the very few places that will let you in to go. It is by discretion as well. This means anytime they don’t like the crowd they can simply place an “Out of Order” sign up and be done with it. More must be done. This poor person seemed to have just grabbed something and urinated into it. I saw this while walking down an L.A. street. That was kind considering the amounts of urine trails we now see on the sidewalk. It is human to go to the toilet. We should all be able to.

When Rose was on Flower St

In Downtown Los Angeles. These things are such a kick when they happen. Last year I even got a P.O. Box on Flower St. Why? Because I wanted my mail to say Rose Bouquet on xxxxxx Flower St… However when I got the box it said nothing of Flower St. unless you used their alternative address which they did not really want. So it ended up being P.O. Box xxxxxx instead of Flower St. being mentioned at all. So I kept the box for 6 months. I had not one piece of mail sent there. So at the end I turned in my keys and gave up the box. So yes that was 75.00 wasted dollars. For some reason I also got cards printed with the address as well back when I believed in it. Now I need new cards lol. Yep..

Last year on this day

I visited the Blue Bottle Coffee shop in my beloved Malibu. Look at how things were. With their curious mix of paper cups and metal utensils. They had a nice seating area and very good coffee. I bought a hot cup as well as a cold brew. The employees were very kind and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I wonder how they are doing these days?


If you don’t want flowers do not sell flowers. Look at these they are all dead. Funny part is they are not on sale or anything.

Happy 5th Anniversary

To my very first embroidery patch that says Sunday! A woman in Ohio still has this baby. I am always so grateful to Facebook for keeping and reminding me of the memories. If not I would never have remembered when I made this. Embroidery is an amazing skill. I hope to learn how to make amazing creations doing it. This heart Sunday patch is made with hot pink denim filled with foam and sewing with metallic pink embroidery thread.

Heart shaped Sunday Patch

A vision of fruit

A vision of fruit. I bought this along with some grapes from a woman selling fruit with her daughter. People around us were singing about Jesus. The fruit lady gave fruit to a homeless guy right in front of me. Three others were buying off of her right then. Honestly I was on my way to the supermarket to buy icecream and rootbeer lol. Yet I bought this delish fruit. In my mind it represents the new changes I want to make for me and others around me. We have to really take care of our bodies more so now than ever. In my life I’ve eaten any kind of way and now I want to change that. The prices she gave were awesome and it showed you really can eat well if you make better choices🌷

Praise the Lord Jesus!

I want to thank Him for giving me eyes to see, new ears to hear, new hands to create, new feet to run, and a new heart to love. With His continued guidance and mercy I hope to accomplish His will for my life.