A few years ago but I had tons of followers on all my pages

I had reached a milestone and was so thankful. Back when I went by AwesomePinkGirll. Yes the time before all of the flowers and Flowerheadwoman. I am not sure I will ever have numbers like that again. Or how long it will take to rebuild. Honestly I got into a relationship and for some reason I deleted my social media at the time. I mean really good pages too. They were not sleazy or adult in anyway. I just thought it was a good idea. Nope and it’ll never happen. Most guys do not delete their pages or the hot chicks they follow. So no lol. We have to trust each other on social media. It was crazy because of course some imagined I had fake followers I didn’t. You know at that time I could not dream of paying for them lol. Shout out to those who truly understand and support my online life.

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