I’m not always grindin’

I know these days everyone is promoting something or themselves. However for me when I’m out and about I’m not really promoting or selling anything at all. In fact my look is more for my own personal style. I’m so happy so many seem to really like everything. Especially the floral hairdressses. However some people get really frustrated when I tell them I am not selling hats, floral styling or really anything else. Some just can’t understand that I’m just doing this and not intending to sell it. Others have insinuated that I am somehow missing a ton of money by not offering things to sell. For me when I’m out I’m on a date, running errands, creating, or just chilling out lol. Besides I really enjoy meeting new people. I appreciate the pictures and cool comments. I really do not want to spoil our encounter by trying to sell something. I have never come up to anyone suggesting they sell what they have. I know from some it is well meaning but from others it can be insulting. People have to learn to just enjoy peoples creative abilities instead of assuming they are marketing. Besides like all businesses they need time to develop in order to offer the best. I am not one who wants to just through myself in and struggle the whole time. I am not stupid for not promoting myself and my talents the moment I meet someone. Not to mention I am careful about sharing my contact information. Just know I am being mannerful and just wearing my creations very happily just as other stylish people do.

As seen in Los Angeles

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