Bad laundry days

Sadly there is a local laundromat that I actually feel sick each time I wash there. They have an extreme heat problem. Half of the machines are off yet the temps are insane. Something with air quality in this place is so bad. Weird part is others are in there and I don’t know if they are feeling the way I did or not. Anyway it has happened multiple times. I don’t even bother to do my full floral hairdress because I know everything will wilt immediately. So in this pic I have living fascinator I whipped up. Another time I left there my foot cramped up really bad. Oh and they do not allow their customers to use the restrooms. As they have drinks and a full out coffee machine. Anyway my last time I went there was my last time. I do hope they get their myriad of issues fixed. Nothing is comfortable at all lol.

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