Jackie Goldberg the pinkest lady I know

Besides who I used to be lol! Not enough can be said of this woman. Her own accomplishments are well documented. Yet in this post I will speak for how much she means in my life. First off I have not met her in person yet we’ve known each other for years. As in at least 7. She supported me when I was living my pinkest life. She encouraged me to keep up my dreams and to continue to wear the color. She shared amazing pink related stories with me. She even sent her fabulous book to me and a bunch of other stuff free of charge. She followed my pages and now she is my friend on Facebook. So she knows like everything, everything going on in my little world. Including now when I have decided that living all pink was not exactly my destiny at this time. Yet she is one who continues to encourage me to do so lol. She is someone who has boundless energy. She is kind. She is motivating. You know she shows how the other quarter lives lol. She has lived over 50 years of her life wearing and surrounding herself with the color pink. So I invite you to check her out for yourselves. Since it is National Pink Day it is only fitting to highlight my very Pinkest Friend.

Pinklady Jackie Goldberg
Pinklady’s message today 2021
The book Jackie Goldberg (Pinklady) sent me called Get up, Get Out and Get a Life!

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