A book I must have for my fashion library

I have started a few types of book collections that will be a part of my library. I used to go to libraries looking for books on the fantastic fashions of Haute Couture. There are so few books on the subject and it’s creators. They do have various fashion books in which certain designers are mentioned but nothing in depth. So when I got a chance to gaze upon this book I screamed lol. ThIs book is all about Charles Fredrick Worth the first man recognized as the father of Haute Couture. I was not able to rent this book. So many really fabulous fashion books are not available for rent. So you must read them there. In light of 2020 you can imagine why it is more important than ever to create libraries within our homes. There is nothing like turning the pages and pouring over the words and pictures of a book you love. Of course I could not read all of this book by any means. Yet I was glad I read all I did. Charles Worth was a fascinating man with extraordinary talents that changed fashion forever. I wish I could ever develop the hand sewing skills any of these types of people did. Thankfully Amazon has this book for 68.00 bucks. I was surprised they had it until I remembered Amazon was at first the very best book store lol!

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