So I almost got 20.00 off on Uber Eats

Then it went terribly wrong lol. I received the coupon link last night. It was 20.00 off of a 30.00 order. Only thing is you could not use it everywhere. I for some reason chose Rite Aid. Now I literally ordered 4 half gallon whole milks. One cranberry juice one orange juice and a box of 100 Band-Aids. Well the lady texted me saying they did not have the milk. I asked her if she could exchange it for black cherry iceceam. She said yes. A couple minutes later she told me the computer would not let her. So I said just bring those items. Well turned out I paid 30.55 including her tip. Yes 2 juices and a pack of band aids was 30.55. On the spot. Next time I use a big offer like that, and they don’t have the items I may just cancel the entire order & try again at another time. I’m telling you what could happen if your total is not over the amount enough lol. Now I am wondering will they offer it again or what?

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