Happy Credit Card Holder Day to Me

As someone who has never bothered to build a credit history after all of these years this is huge! You know I just thought it would be okay not to owe anyone anything at anytime. Yet now I’m at the point I see I need to have credit to do certain things. Even rentals etc. they treat you really different as a cash customer. Not to mention credit is also used to verify your identity more now than ever which they were not doing so much before. I have not had utilities or an apartment under my name so there was not anything building in all of this time. So now I’m doing it. I encourage others to as well. I used the Self Credit app. Made 35.00 a month payments 4 times on time and today they are using my balance toward this card. It will increase shortly. Not to mention I will ask if I can add more for more credit. One thing I learned is creditors prefer you use 30 percent of your balance and pay that. Most do not do that. Not sure I will but that’s interesting lol. I will probably just pay what I spend off every statement. So happy credit card holder day to me lol! 💐🥰

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