Thank you Kind Stranger 2019

The rest of the story is I saw him the following week at the coffee shop. He was describing all of the things he wanted to do website wise. Then he veered over into selling clothes. Without the clothes. Then I agreed to meet him in another few weeks to talk about things. Well I took the bus to meet him again. For some reason I had been like 30 min late. The bus was running wonky. He was not there. I felt bad and sort of stuck around to see if he too was late. Well after a while I left I felt bad and was also worried something happened. Well I went to the same place about a week later. He was very mad at me. He explained that he really needed to see me at the time we agreed on because he was living in a shelter and they had strict rules about what time he needed to be back. I felt terrible I apologized. Then he kind went into some other rant that let me know I could not really do anything. So I went to the cashier and gave them six 6.00 so he could get something when he came in. Of course he was well known. As a result of whatever went down that kind of made it the last time I went there. So many lessons I learned. One be more timely no matter who it is. Two sadly when people are in different situations they may not be all there. Third just leave things as they are instead of trying to expand them. Because I wanted to think the best of this person but instead I lost a cool place and the respect of a stranger. It is what it is.

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