Denny’s always hits the spot

I built my own omelet on this one. You know as much as I love trying new food and going to new restaurants I have to say Denny’s is my fave. The peeps are cool, it’s a great place to stop and organize, talk for a long time to someone in person or on the phone without people interrupting because they need the table. Delish food. They just kind of whip up whatever you’re in the mood for. Denny’s saved my life once. The location was open 24 hours and for some reason it was the rainiest night. I could not get home because it was one of those areas that bus service ended early. I am thankful I had like 15 bucks to spend. I literally was in there from 9pm til like 5:30 in the morning. Keep in mind this was before Lyft and I did not have data on my phone. Those people in there were awesome. There was a point where I kind of told them what happened about me not being able to get home because of the bus. For some reason the rain was insane like all through the night. I could not give them the tips they deserved. They kept giving me coffee, then tea and some pancakes. Stuff to write on. Phone died in like a couple hours. Of course silly me did not have a charger or power bank. I mean it was incredible. When I decided to leave I thanked everyone. Then I got outside and thanked God for them saving me from who knows what. I cried. Of course it also taught me about the importance of checking bus schedules and how soon local buses end. I know things are better now with information but still keep your route back in mind. I was visiting someone in a hospital far away from where I lived and just got stuck. I had no friends with cars. Just me lol. The omelet above is from a very happy day by the way. In which I went with someone who loves everything with eggs lol!

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