Since they won’t tell you I will

At CVS please keep your receipts for returns. If you make returns without a receipt they can actually ban you from making returns without a receipt. How long? 180 days as in 6 months! There is no warning. There are no signs posted about the store opting not to accept your return without a receipt. The cashier will hand you this form like one below. It’s kind of an embarrassing experience because most of the cashiers do not about what is happening. So imagine you show ID as requested. They slide it through and the system sends an alert and tells them to stop the transaction to give you back the items you were returning. Not to give you store credit or refund your money. You ask them of what happened? They look puzzled and say they don’t know call the number. I did call the number. All to speak to guy who is probably use to hearing irate people. He was firm and informed me that this is the policy and I was in fact banned from doing any receipt less returns for 180 days. I asked to speak to a supervisor he said there is no one to hand the phone to. He offered to have someone call me back. In 24-48 hours. So it may not happen. I am sharing this experience so you can be sure you keep your receipt. It is strange because you are presenting your ID per transaction. It is to track your activity so keep that in mind. I will be contacting the corporate office. Because we as customers deserve to know of these policies before being turned away in line suddenly. Not to mention the employees should be able to explain or make exceptions in certain situations. I’ll let you know what happened lol!

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