The best sermon on tithing ever

In case you did not know this about me I am a tither. I have done it on and off for half of my life. I have never regretted doing it. Only the times I stopped tithing. If you are on this path do not stop. If you are uncomfortable about where you are tithing listen to some pastors online and tithe to those whose message resonates with you. It is ideal to tithe locally to a church you attend. Yet for people like me I tithe to many places. Yes even mega churches. I do not worry about what those pastors do because God is paying attention to my ability to follow instructions. I have no doubt that if the pastor is not doing as promised God will deal with those issues. Too often we neglect our promises because we imagine someone else is doing something we do not like. Sometimes we let those we know tell us not to tithe. Here is the thing if you get money from anything or anyone at all you can tithe from it. If you do have authority to tithe from the whole house money don’t. God will know all. Just your part will be a blessing to your home. So let’s say someone is giving you 5.00 a day you can and should set aside even the .50 cents from that. If you can’t send that just save it up until a bigger amount. More now than ever churches have ways to give online use them. Whatever you have to do get in your tithe. Especially once you make the commitment. Listen to this pastors sermon to better understand what tithing really is. How it applied in the past and what it means for us as a people today. As far as my life experience it has been nothing but positive. I did encounter certain problems while being a tither. Yet problems and issues happen in every life. Never let anyone tell you that your problems are caused by a thing you did or did not do. It does not work that way. You are not that powerful lol. Sadly at one point I believed I was having issues because I missed a tithe. If you miss make it up next time or start completely again. Just stick with it because it feels right in your heart. Anyway this guy has a much clearer explanation that I could ever give. Check it out.

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