High heels!

No really high platform heels lol! I decided along with my pink shoe collection I’d also include a bevy of reds as well. There are just so many awesome shades to choose from. Yesterday I was lucky enough to go on an amazing shopping trip and was able to fit these beauties that were sitting in a boutique window. They looked like they’d fit and fit they do. These are among the tallest heels I’ve had in a long time. I will need some indoor wearing and practice to be honest. I used to be a master at wearing heels. Yet when I no longer had a car of my own I sort if gave up on wearing them. They just did not seem practical. Well enough of that lol! There is nothing like being out and about in a pair of sky high heels like these babies here. I realized something about this new fashion journey you can say its awash in all shades of reds including pinks with pops of other colors lol! It is what it is💐

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