An abused penny lol!

I love and collect pennies. So it was a complete  shock when I saw one be cut right in front of me lol! I applied to one of those jobs that did not exactly say it was a commission job. The building was in a seedy part of town and in a shady building. Yet I at that time went to check it out. I get into the office and there is one gentlemen who’s doing the interview. After being made to watch 2 videos with young college students professing to make a killing working the job. The interviewer comes out and tells me that we would be selling and demonstrating knives lol. He showed me a brand new set invited me to pick one up, asked me what I did for a living. Anyway not long after more details about this company he said wanna see something cool? I’m like yes! So he takes out a penny and cuts it like this with the knife lol! I could not believe it. He said yeah when customers see this they want the knives right away lol! I was pretty impressed. Yet I also knew I would not be taking the commission based job. I did ask him for this cut penny. He said sure I throw these away everyday lol! So I still have this baby.

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