Girl spill

Well y’all it was just one of those days. I am not sure how it worked out only that it happened. I had my brand new light pink socks and tennis shoes on. I was out having a great time with my one and only. All was going well a little French food and wine was involved. We were saying our goodbyes and the worst thing happened. I felt a gush and a rush down my leg. Yep I knew I was on my period. I had a pad on but for some reason what happened went beyond that. It just gushed out hard. Anyway I asked a woman for napkins because I spilled “something”. There was a woman sitting across from me who may have seen it but I’m not sure she was cool. She was with a guy. Anyway I wiped the floor. Went to my bag grabbed a new pad. Rushed to the bathroom. I rinsed my tennis shoe and sock. Only a slight trace remained. Panties were flooded rinsed them as well. So my foot and panties were wet. Thank God I decided to wear black today of all days. I don’t normally but from now on I may lol. Anyway I came out and pretended like nothing happened. I brought a paper towel and re wiped the floor. My fear was someone would mop and see it. So we all left. I could not go on so I left early. I just felt so devastated and embarrased but I’m not sure who saw what. I am writing this for everyone who has experienced this it happens. It is awful but hey..

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