If you’re really doing a new thing

Do not get sucked into comparing yourself to others. Don’t respond to others who mention you negatively in some way publicly. If you know there are a lot of people you don’t agree with in your industry let them be. Just be that other choice for people to know exist. Give everyone your best and let things take over. It’s possible your audience will love all of you. That is ok. People are moody. They like variety just like you and me. It is like shopping. The person who buys a hand made item from me may also have a closet full of a name brand items. Sadly online especially among new businesses, models, content creators there is a sentiment of everything being them versus the world. People who are estimated to be on their level and beyond such as celebrities. This is just not a good way to approach things we can and should enjoy everyone. We don’t have to hate anyone who is not doing what we are and how we do it. Recently I was listening to a content creator who seems like he follows Christ and is on the rise. Lately this person has chosen to start “calling out” others on the platform. Saying things about how he is protecting viewers from things others are saying. Reading comments from the “haters”. This type of thing. This person never did this before and it is very disappointing because the message was amazing and the person’s fame is rising. Even though I consider this move a mistake I really did learn a lot from them before this turn. I am hoping the person will come to their senses and get back on track. If nothing else it teaches me the importance of staying with my own messages. My own way. Also notice I’m expressing my opinion on my own page. Sadly online it is very easy to become a person who is really just commenting on current events that are already being covered to exhaustion. Rather than someone who is taking people to a new place and making them think about other things. I have heard certain men who say they are religious have whole dissertations about how women should look and dress and behave. Then jump immediately into speaking badly about our current celebrities. You know if they were really focused on helping their women of their faith they would not have time to see or hear the goings on with the celebrity world at all. Not to mention they would bother to name names of those on their “ideal” women list. These types do not usually elaborate on what certain women can even do to “improve”. Then their audience is right there in the comments bashing certain types of women too. You know chances are those women do not want these supposedly religious men anyway. So they are not obligated to “appeal” to them. As far certain women “being an example” all women need to know of all types of women. We can’t tell our girls that pretty women are fake, or unhappy. We can’t teach that women who are living a different lifestyle is affecting them. It is no secret the internet responds more to the sex driven population. I do not see it changing. It is up to each one of us to decide if we want that attention in that way from that audience or not. Some people have plans for their lives we do not understand or see. For example some people are just doing things a certain way and they will get out. Others are doing things a way while they are young and confident. Others have not even chosen their spiritual path yet. Others could be influenced by others they admire. So we have no right to judge what is going on. If we truly do not agree with anything we see why mention their names? Why describe the things they say and do? It is not raising awareness. It is promotion and slandering of their names and image on their “platform”. If we are doing something we feel is good we need to stay strong and be as entertaining as we can. Because when people’s eyes veer towards us we want then to see or read something that they just for a second takes them somewhere else. Just for a second makes them feel like a free innocent kid again. Instead of a packed in adult. It is nice to be an option on the menu. Because even the most hyper sexual person can still appreciate people who are and live a conservative way of life. The goal should not be to convert anyone but rather them just see how we live. See how we speak. See the words we do not use in our vocabulary. Show that we are not emulating entertainers and such. See how we are in the world but not of it. Yet we still believe in everyone. When the Lord touches them they will change everything on a dime. Just like many of us have and we will continue to improve.

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