The “floral dept” at Ralph’s

Including a little reworking of the Valentine’s Day stock lol! One week before Mother’s Day 2021. People often suggest shopping for flowers in these places but honestly you can’t always depend on them to have the right amounts of flowers because of the holidays/occasions every month. Not to mention the peeps who shop for them to decorate their tables and such. In the beginning of my flower wearing I would look in my supermarkets florals just to buy a few flowers to wear as bow. That was pretty much all I wanted at the time. I looked for flowers on sale of course. Shriek when there were some in a sale bin. Sadly when they are on sale they are about to die. Bouquets will contain dead flowers. So I would salvage what was left and wear them. The floral departments in supermarkets can be really hard to get a live person so you have to go early. In the beginning of my floral wearing I asked a couple store florist about what happens to the flowers they do not want. I was hoping to hear about extreme low prices or how they gave them away. Not so. Some company comes by and retrieves the ones left lol! Now that I wear so many specific ones it would be impossible to do in a super market. Not to mention they constantly change the types they have. So if I developed a favorite kind or color(s) I would not be able to keep going there to get them.

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