Today is my 3rd year

Creating and wearing my floral hair dresses! What a time it has been. I remember having so many amazing flowers from my Florian Superhero. I was sitting in front of my mirrored closet on the floor looking in the mirror and thinking hmmmmm. I wonder what it be like if I could try and add all of these on my head at the same time? I had never done it before. This is what I came up with in the picture. I remember feeling so accomplished that I had so many colors and varieties of flowers in my hair. Then I was like that is it. Flowers will become my hair lol! The reactions I got from my Florian Superhero, friends and family were awesome and I appreciate everyone’s support. I remember wearing my new creation that first day and so many said they had never seen anything like it. Some said they had only seen certain pictures. So the next day I created another and pretty much my whole life changed. I was getting more than enough flowers and it was so nice to show my appreciation for them all in this way. It inspired many to give me flowers as well and I love them all. I appreciate all of the local florist and growers as well as the ones across the world who make it possible for me to have some of the most exotic flowers I have ever seen. I have had no formal training in floral styling. Just me, some pins and a mirror. Now on certain styles in the beginning there were errors lol! For example in order to get a lot of pins I went to my corner store and bought so many packs of theirs for a low price. Then right on the pack I one day read it had a Prop 65 warning. I was devastated lol! So I ended up throwing them away and buying higher quality ones that do not have those notices. The next thing was learning to make these styles stable enough to really wear and not just take photos of. In the first few months I would most definitely lose flowers while I was out. At the time I thought it was fun until I realized that it just left a giant hole in my creation. As in instead of covering my head I had patches of seen hair lol! There came a point when I became obsessed with the idea of full coverage. So I started add more flowers and including other living and dried botanicals to the mix. I have perfected keeping everything in place. I also take public transport as in buses and trains. So they are always bouncier and the fans are crazy at the train station. So I had to really learn placement and security lol. Another cool thing is small children tell their mothers I have flowers for my hair and that I do not have normal hair at all. I’m like yes! That is the idea. Speaking of children they love seeing these styles. Sometimes they are out with their busy parents and try and get them to see me. They describe me with urgency and the parent finally looks up and says oh wow she really does have a flower head lol. Some children have been the only ones who have seen me and they’ve told adults about me and they don’t always believe it until one day they finally see me. So I am sort of a “Kid Myth” to some. Most are very kind. Then an unexpected thing happened. I became quite well known for my floral creations. People started asking if I could do styles for them or models they knew. I have always declined. Others thought what I was wearing was some sort of hat. It is not lol. The main reason I decline is I know most cannot handle the amount of pinning I do to attach the flowers. Some of these creations weigh a lot. Some may actually be allergic to items I may regularly use. Plus I do not have a hair license. I need that because I have to style the hair in order to add everything. Third I have chosen these looks as apart of my signature style I have adopted. One of the best things is I literally wear a new “hair do” everyday. I have never worn the same style twice. Of course I have the over 1100 pictures to prove it lol! Most styles can last a full day. However I have made two sets of creations in the same day. Another big thing even here in Los Angeles these looks really stand out and people take my picture constantly. The most amazing thing is the fact people seem to keep the pictures even years ago right in their phone. So when they run into me again they show me and of course take a new picture lol. If I am sitting outside or near a window in a restaurant even in traffic as a passenger or driver people always stop, wave and take pictures. I am so honored. I enjoy what happens so much and I do not take it for granted because I know it does not have to happen. I am thankful to those who go out with me and are patient with those who are very enamored with these looks and they stop and want to talk about it lol. Before I started doing these floral styles I had pink hair for years. I started adding just some flowers to that. I did that for quite a few months. In fact when I started I was wearing all pink. When I started adding the variety of colors thanks to the flowers I was no longer the “pink lady”. I was the flower lady. Miss flowers, flower queen, princess flowers, Mother Nature, Eve, garden girl, Rosy head, flower girl, or most commonly flower head or flower head lady. Those are just a few of the amazing names the public has referred to me as. Then when I started doing full heads I tried having dark brown hair. At the time it reminded me of dark soil which looked amazing. After a while of that I started to want a more topiary look so now I have green hair it so perf lol! I have included green eyebrows to maximize the look. The next challenge I ran into was is being able to go everywhere in my floral ‘do. I had one museum ask me to leave if my flowers were real. She insinuated they could attract bugs lol. Of course this has not been true. If it were I could not do it at all. Of course in working or volunteering situations most do not want me to wear it. It’s like their imagination takes off for the negative lol. Of course I know I could not visit certain medical patients with it. I also will forgo my do if I am trying to accompany someone to a medical appointment or the person is not well enough. Simply because too many want to approach and since I am with them it is not a good time. I have a had a few say they would not want me to wear it if I went to their wedding or other special event. However those occasions I probably won’t be going to. It is good to know how they feel lol. These types are strangers anyway. Every now and then I will hear from some woman who lets just say has a bad relationship with flowers and I get to hear her say something sort of catty lol. Some want to remind you that other cultures wear florals. Or they will mention they too wear flowers or have in the past. They instantly speak of other floral related memories in a weird way. Or express general uncomfortably being a around a woman with a head full of flowers. Flowers have always been around and available. In fact it has taken all the way up to 2017 for me to even start wearing flowers consistently. Then full head May 2nd 2018. So most of my life I wore flowers or botanicals rarely. However in these years I have more than made up for it lol. It is sad when some act as if I have anything to do with them as I wear my own signature style. Other people are known for their hair cuts, colors and looks. If I were to adopt their lengths, cuts or elements of their creativity they’d have something to say. Especially if we were somehow in close proximity. So there are slight haters known and unknown. However I have experienced weird commentary from certain chicks at all phases of my creative life. So nothing bothers me. Some just have some idea that you should not do anything to stand out lol. Yeah not happening lol. One of the best things that happened is I no longer was like anyone hair wise. No color has been off limits. No hair height/length is wrong. No colors and combos are wrong. Plus no one can even imagine I have anything like theirs lol. These are not generic ideas lol. Now in my life people really do want to see me in the full regalia. I have had so many express disappointment if I am not wearing my flowers that day. They ask when I will have them or what happened? Lol. So it is safe to say it is well loved. I hope to really continue this for as long as I possibly can. A question people often ask how long does it take. In the beginning or took two hours now I can do most looks on myself in an hour and a half. I am thankful to the Dear Lord who has allowed me to start and continue this amazing life in flowers. I am glad that for now I am not allergic to anything I have worn. Although I know I cannot wear tulips around my face. Also the back of my neck gets hot quick so I have wear durable leaves and flowers there. I am thankful to my Florian Superhero who has always had an amazing eye for flowers, and other botanicals. Not to mention he is all about floral safety and no babies breath. He makes sure my floral babies are largely untreated. Not to mention he knows just how very many I need. The insane varieties of flowers I’ve had the honor of wearing. Making it so I can truly wear them daily. He has made many floral promises to ensure I’ll be able to keep this going. He also kept me in the most amazing flowers all during 2020 when most florists were closed. The supermarkets we not selling flowers or had serious problems. That was an unexpected feat I’m so thankful for. Things are only getting better. I am painting flowers on canvas as well as flowers themselves. I am creating botanical fashions and accessories. All of my hand made fabric fashions are inspired by my floral ‘do. I’m entering floral show cases. Getting modeling opportunities. I have already appeared in a movie in which I was in full flowers. So many want to hear about my life as a flowerhead and I love sharing about it. Not to mention so really huge things are coming up. So yay lol! ❤️

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