The time Paris Hilton followed me on Instagram

It was during my all pink phase. Anyway not only did she follow me she also liked pics and commented. At that time I felt my online life was made because she is literally the most famous and richest person who knew I was alive lol. Sadly I had deleted that whole account. It was for a relationship. Word to all my peeps online do not delete your social media for your love life. Especially if you know you are not posting vulgar stuff or using it as a dating tool. I deleted my Instagram account with over 30;000 followers I may never have those numbers again. Or Paris Hilton lol. She has not followed my new one. This was a memory for a lifetime. Paris is always connected to pink. At that time she had a Rose Pink campaign so it made it all the more special. Of course Paris is welcome back anytime💕 in case you see this my new Instagram is ☺️

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