The time I went to taste candy and got paid for it

Yep back in 2019 I was chosen to do a candy tasting. The place was very specific about wearing perfumes or other distracting items. So I could not wear my floral ‘doux for this, Only thing though the building was super far away on the bus but I made it barely on time. The 3rd bus stopped right in front of the building lol. The place was very professional and clean. Anyway they gave me a whole candy bar. Then a small glass of water and sat me down next to a computer. Others were there but we did not see each other and were not allowed to interact. So the computer had questions that would pop up right in time with us biting into the candy. I had dental problems at that time so I could not believe how many nuts that candy had. It was like someone put a whole candy bars worth of nuts and covered that with chocolate lol! So here I was struggling to eat this. Anyway I answered honestly and told them the candy was not good. There were too many nuts. The nuts were not salted and the chocolate was not sweet. Anyway the whole thing lasted about 5 minutes including me getting paid. I was surprised when they handed me a white envelope with 35 dollars cash. I went across the street took a picture of the candy and the money at the bus stop as I was returning home. Some people thought it was a long way to go for just 35 dollars lol. Yet that time I was like 35 dollars for 5 minutes work. Never mind my whole trip was 6 hours. Of the buses were charging then soooo. Yeah not much profit but I enjoyed the experience. They have called me back but I have not been able to reconnect with them since.

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