Bouquet Costumes is born!

To be honest all of my life I wanted to make costumes for other people and me. I once worked at a costume shop for the Halloween season every year for over 10 years. I did so until the amazing owner passed away. It’s been years but the memories remain. We all have heard of the children who did not really want to dress in normal clothes and chose to wear their costume everywhere. My life is now inspired by those whose clothes are more like costumes. In fact when I get dressed and go out doing just about anything some will say hey nice costume. I did not think my real life look was a costume but now I fully embrace the term. Especially after reading it was in fact a normal term for various clothing styles. It does not always mean a superhero etc. I am thankful to those who actually want items I wear. As well as those who buy the things I have made by hand. My items are all one of a kind and maybe a little more non practical. I have sold items to both men and women. I have no target market. In that I feel the word costume fits perfect.

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