I have been trying to start a Sewing Club

A woman who bought something from me hooked me up with an amazing fabric source. I had 5 spools of thread I bought that were much too thick for most projects. It was also too thick to use in a sewing machine so I left them outside and fairly quick someone picked them up. You know when an idea is placed on your heart you really have to try and stick with it. Even if it is not going exactly the way you originally pictured it. I thought I wanted to start some sort of online group with people who liked to sew and we could exchange items. Yet the way this is going now I can share with even more kinds of people in more places. Including locally. I also have the opportunity to sell things that are in excess. These are the 3 types of fabrics I recently acquired. Many, many yards of each that are to create some amazing things. I am picking up more different fabric this week.

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