Bad Experience or Teaching Moment?

As we know people are more sensitive than ever about how they are treated by others in general. Especially when we go out to eat. We want that time to be special and the food to be delish. We want our servers to be happy to see us whether it is our first time there or our millionth. Sometimes I like going to a new place by myself. I do that when I am looking for a nice place to bring people. I sort of test it out so when I recommend it I know basically how everything is. It is also cool when me and the other people are there it’s like “Oh hello nice to see you again, I see you brought someone” lol! For the most part it is awesome. Yet every once in a while some things happen that leave you knowing the experience was not what it should be. In today’s world or name and shame it is entirely too easy to jump online give a terrible review about the restaurant. Yet I have learned to be thoughtful even if I am not entirely happy with how things went at first. Allow me to share an experience I recently had. I went to a cute trendy local place. Prices were reasonable meals were averaging 19.00-25.00 and they serve wine. So it gives you an idea of the kind of place. I would love to believe that I arrived dressed well. Asked for a table. My mood was up and manners were on as usual. However the restaurant is small and was just a little busy so when I was waiting almost 20 minutes for a menu it was off putting. I had what seemed to be two servers which was odd. One person had seated me and another person I sort of flagged down and asked for a glass of wine. To kind of indicate I was ready to order. Then the original waiter came and asked if I wanted to order. I did. He took the food and wine menus back. Less than two minutes later he brought the wine as well as the check. He was like “mean time this is for you”. I asked him “you want me to pay? Now?” He was like “well yes”. I inserted cash money in the black folder including his tip. As he picked it up I told him “this does not normally happen”. He did not say anything. So the other person whom I flagged down earlier had kind of sensed something was strange he came over and I shared with him that he made me pay right then. He looked horrified and went to the back. Next thing you know he brought my money back and said my tab was open. So I finished my wine before dinner and when the food came I ordered another glass. Speaking of the food it was beautiful and delicious for real. The other person seemed to have taken over my table. Now this person was kind, professional and respectful, when the time came his escorted me to the restroom as well. So I am really hoping he got the tip. I share this because I fully intend to go back to this restaurant because of the amazing wine and delicious food. Perfect location and I will bring others there and maybe even take some home. Now I could have written to the owner about what happened. I could have shared this on Yelp. I could have mentioned the fact that the other tables has the tea light candles lit and no one lit mine.. I could have called up there and spoken to a manager. Yet sometimes you can’t let one weird employee ruin your time or change your view of everyone there. Because it is obvious that one person has an issue. Or maybe he was just having a bad day. Whatever it is can be forgiven and disregarded. Hopefully what will happen is everyone will be happy to see me again and all will be well. Update: if you feel uncomfortable just do not go back. In this situation that is what I’m doing. Because if there is someone with an issue I don’t want them reminded of anything or having people uncomfortable. There are too many places to go. I have no point to prove. However tge above statement can be applied if you want to…

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