On this day in 2020

This was my first time on a public bus when the pandemic began. This was the Big Blue Bus. It was so eerie. The seats were separated. Meaning every section was to have one set of seats were skipped.. We were encouraged not to sit together unless we were from the same household. If you traveled alone you could sit by yourself and the other seat empty.. The drivers barely spoke. For some reason the busses were not traveling at a normal speed. They were driving very slow. The front entrance was closed and we passengers had to enter through the back. The lights were exceptionally low. So I snapped this picture quickly. Now after a year things are getting more normal yet on the Metro bus we still enter from the back and we do not pay fare. The busses are now crowded and no one cares about sitting next to each other. However the area in front is still roped off. They allow seniors to enter through the front. Yet some busses allow all in front. The local busses have started charging fares again and everyone enters through the front. They seem like they are pretty much back to normal.

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