My first Zoom!

Guys I just got out of the coolest event with the great Julia Dinsmore and her friend Barbara it was so awesome to hear the ideas these women have. Their beautiful friendship and how they are tackling problems in today’s times. It was such an honor to be able to hear first hand dearest Julia pouring out poetry from her spirit while her audience was in awe as I was. Julia has been a friend of mine on Twitter/Facebook and we have a few mutual friends. I am confident that Julia will continue to drop needed gems on the world as well as achieve her own dreams of a home with herself and her grandchildren. I have watched her go through insurmountable challenges with her children in one of the coldest states. Nothing seems too great for her. However with time ones heart can tire as well as the body. Which is why I’m hopeful that she can rest and have an amazing quality of life as we all should as we age. I encourage people who have older relatives or friends to be sure you help them in as many ways as you can. I can’t wait to support Julia in as many ways as I can moving forward. She is true blessing to know.

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