Have many ways to give and receive money

As we know things are uncertain in our world. In good and bad ways. We are now online which means we have more opportunities to help and be helped. This is why we must get and keep our payment options up to date so we can be ready for anything. Years ago I shared with my followers I needed a small amount of money and a few really wanted to help. Except at the time I truly did not have too many ways to receive money. In fact all I could do was maybe pick up from a wire service. Thankfully I had valid ID. Which can also be an issue. Keep your ID current and valid so you can cash a check. So you can pick up a wire transfer. Or any other thing that requires you to prove who you are. Things are very strict and rightfully so. If you are dealing with a person out of state or country things are even more strict so it is important to have your thing together. The more in touch with technology you are the better. The easier it will be for you to give and receive money. Be sure your emails are current, accessible and connected to your payment services. For example if you had PayPal years ago can you access the email you connected? Is your current phone number current and connected? Too often people just do not keep up with their own information. Then at the time someone sends them something they have to scramble trying to redo things. Do not let this happen. Do you have a bank account connected to a service like Cash App or Venmo? Is it current? Do you have a positive account balance? These things matter when you transfer money to your bank. If your bank account can’t connect or you are overdrawn you won’t be able to get your money. Unless you have a withdrawal card from the service. If you do is it current? If you have a mailing address with a friend or family member from years ago are they still accepting mail on your behalf? Check with them to be sure because a person could be sending you something great and you’ll have a difficult time getting it. This is why it is good to have some sort of mailing service paid for especially if you have an unstable living situation. Keep it current so everything with go through as smooth as possible. Sign up for as many payment services as you can. Because people are pretty picky about what they will and will not use. For example I know some who detest PayPal…so I also have Venmo. Don’t forget to set up most banks service Zelle. Use your current accessible phone number and email address. I emphasize this because these services send texts and emails. If you haven’t used these in a while they want to verify it is you. So if you can’t remember what email you used or no longer have your phone number your money will be in limbo. Which will also be frustrating for the sender as well. They start panicking when a person can’t pick up what they sent. Take time to update and sign up for new ways to receive and send money. Take time to read new rules. Check and renew all paperwork. You may really need it and you’ll be a lot easier to help.

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