Thank you kind strangers

Thank you to the gentleman in the elevator who randomly gave me 7 dollars yesterday. As we were about to step out he reached into his wallet and me the cash which was 7 dollars. I didn’t know at first because it was crumped. I asked why? He said you’re looking very nice and I wanted to do something special, omg. I appreciated it so much! So I’m going down the street and a lady who normally asks for money is there and I had just gotten this seven dollars. So she asks me and I give her 5 dollars. All is well. Then later I’m inside the store and the same lady I gave the 5 to says I owe you 5 dollars. I’m like that was literally a couple hours ago. Omg. She says I have to pay you back. She has a 20 she needed changed and she hands me the money back. Unbelievable. 2 kind strangers in 2 hours.

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