Take that picture!

As we live our daily lives we may or may not realize all that we see in the world around us may change. Sometimes quicker than we know. Even if we do not feel we are historians our photos can capture amazing before images and astonishing afters. While the professionals have certain things in mind when they take pictures we can capture places and events that are significant. Or may become so in the future. I consider myself an amateur photographer. I have no target ideas of what to take pictures of. As our world has changed so drastically I’m so glad I took the picture! Not only did I take the picture I kept the picture lol! That’s the second most important part. As we know there are plenty of photo storage websites and our own email services can really help preserve what you took pictures/video of. All of the buildings and businesses we assumed would be around forever really have not been. The luxury of taking photos while sitting inside a coffee shop or restaurant became an anomaly. Not to mention details like people wearing masks or not can really show what era our pictures are from. I also like taking pictures of things on the ground. Anything from art to items sitting there including trash. Because those things show what was going on at the time. What artists were promoting themselves, what issues were important, what people’s favorite drinks are and more. It shows neighborhood suffering such as used needles, urine trails and cups showing how going to the bathroom outside has never been more prevalent. The insane amounts of trash on most city streets show a deep need for better sanitation services and more trash cans available for those who would throw things away. Over time city pictures will show where you’ve been what you did and preserve memories that are not just an important day in your life. Seeing how fast things are changing I feel an urgency in taking as many cool pics as possible. Will they mean something? Maybe. I invite you all to start taking pictures all around you and where you go. You’ll find an amazing new world you may have been over looking. You’ll probably develop new subjects and places you’ll enjoy photographing. By the way I do appreciate all of the people who take time to take pictures of me in the world as well. 💐

Everything thing can get smeared when you are wearing your mask. You can also get indentations in your face from wearing it lol!

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