Build up and maintain your credit

It’s becoming more important than ever. I really wish I had been working on it for a whole lot longer. I just had no idea how important credit would become. I thought if I had no credit I’d have no problems. It felt so good not owing anyone at all. Yet now that I finally want to do things me having no credit is adversely affecting a lot of things. I found out they are using credit to better identify you. They use credit for many jobs. They use credit for apartment and some car rentals. Having and paying for some sort of utility is becoming vital as credit as well as deep ID verification. For years I had no idea this stuff was going on. Even to be added to another persons credit as a user they run your credit. Right now I’m among the lowest. I’m hoping this will change as I focus my energy in building my personal as well as business credit. You know there are many people in my position who are living with other people and not really building credit of their own. Simply because they are not on a lease or any utility bill. These actions may seem okay for a while but what is happening is you have no legal right to the place you live. You can’t even get on some of many available programs because your name isn’t on anything pertaining to where you live. So if you can somehow put a bill in your name or get on to a lease the better it will be for you in the long run. Credit is the key to so many things we do in society we can no longer afford to relax.

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