The Price Was Right

The time was wrong. It’s another case of right thing wrong time. The news was still really bad all over. I submitted my name and I really did not think they were going to call until this year if at all. I was shocked when she called in less than a week. Now any other time in life me and my whole family would have been jumping for joy. I could have gotten some kind of congratulations but instead the world reality set in. The unknown was more on everyone’s mind. Rightfully so. It kind of went like “ wow that’s great, but it’s probably not a good idea to be on a game show right now.” It did not help watching some You Tube clips seeing how intimate people were in hi fives and what not. So after not too long I went from joy to sadness. Yet knowing at that time it was the right thing. People amount mattered. Touching or not was an issue. Yet the mistake on my part was saying anything before I did full research on how it would be done. As you can see here’s how it went. It is still an awesome memory even if I did not get to go. So many people were shocked I didn’t just chance it. However sometimes it just is not meant to me as many things weren’t for many people in 2020.

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