I’m about to give away my dress form

It’s true. I will miss my Scarlett Sew Hanson very much. However after having it almost a year I ran into a few issues I can’t correct. I make free size clothes. In bigger sizes and widths. The shoulders are not wide enough to fully see how a dress will look on anyone. My form is red so when I put sheer fabrics over it you can see this pinky image right through the dress. Worst part is it cuts off at a weird place. Let’s just say nothing about the form is anatomically correct lol! So things are longer than they are. The breast area is in no way accurate either. So now the necklines I create are just not really seen. Now when I first got it I was thrilled. I loved having in my room and letting her model my stuff. Then I also ran into a long dress problem. Pretty much long dresses are on the floor by several inches. What’s my solution? Welp I’m going to literally put the garments on a hanger and place them on a hook on the wall. Then anyone can better see how a dress really looks. No contrasting color issues. No length issues. No needing to try and fit the dress around the form’s shape. Just a nice creation on a hanger lol! Seriously I can even take a hanger outside and hang my garment from a tree or fence or just about anywhere for added fun. The other issue I had was being able to move the form around the house. It was surprisingly hard because the stand is not firmly made. Anyway I just know someone else will better be able to use it and enjoy it very much. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to have full sized mannequins with heads. Now that I know how red kind of clashes I’ll probably stick with black and white ones. I also never pinned my dresses on it so I never used a lot of the features the way someone else probably will. This is my latest dress I made. It’s light blue trimmed with black lace and black tulle with silver sparkles brought together with a thick black ribbon tie:). So this is her last outfit she modeled for me. ❤️

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