On this day in 2020

Excitement turned to painful realizations of the gravity of my situation. A woman on my page spoke to her boss about hiring me. I spoke to her boss on the phone for almost an hour and he was awesome. The job seemed perfect and I could work at home. Therein was an unexpected problem. I live with my sister and another older roommate. My sister has an outside job and sometimes suffers headaches. Well this job would have me speaking on the phone handling my boss’s clients at 6 in the morning. Because his company’s time zone is 3 hours ahead. Now mind you I was thrilled to get this job beyond belief. I had so many rejections or plain no call backs. Everything was just starting to turn weird in the world. This woman put in the max good word for me. I even accepted the job offer making good money. However I did not ask my sister how she would feel. What arrangements I could make about timing etc. then the harsh truth hit. The roommate offered to have me work in her room but my sister would not hear of it. Because she cared about her as well. I share this because you really have to think things through before you do things. Sometimes you have others in your life that really are priority. It’s a case of right thing wrong way. Now I admit I was devastated. I just hated the fact that I would have to miss the only opportunity I had in too long to admit lol. I was mad that my sister’s word was kind of the final thing. I was mad at the future because I knew from then nothing else could happen like that. If the opportunity needed any privacy or me speaking on the phone for long periods of time. As the pandemic happened many people found themselves needing to work from home instantly. They needed their families to be co-operative. However I am sure many lost their jobs right then because their home conditions would not permit such a thing. Sad but true. I went from a high to a crash but lesson learned. So I had to call the new boss and quit on the day I was supposed to start. Hardest call in the world. Then I had to tell my Facebook friend that I had to turn the job down. I cried lol. Of course I got over it pretty quick. It is what it is. Anyway of this anniversary I want to thank Diana for the chance she is still on my page. Of course I have to applaud my sister for being honest and considerate for others at the same time. It just was not meant to be.

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