The biggest painting I ever sold!

This was a true honor. A woman on my Facebook told me she wanted a pic of art for her office in New York. She said she needed a size 2ft x3ft piece of art. I had never drawn anything that huge before and was so excited about getting to work. So it took me about a week before I put my paint brush to canvas. My first challenge was finding this particular size. Thankfully Amazon came through. They sent it fast and it came in a box. Which was great because as I would find out later packaging and mailing would be an issue lol! I used metallic acrylic colors. It took me about two weeks to finish it. I was so nervous about showing her this painting. I was hoping she’d love it as much as I enjoyed painting it. As you will see it’s like a view through a window. All of the pretty flowers with hearts. As we know hearts often occur in nature so it fit right in. Since the paints are metallic it looks amazing at night well. Now I had never mailed anything this huge and shocked out how much the initial price quotes were. To be honest I charged her 30.00 lol! Boy was that wrong. Meanwhile I ordered the canvas from Amazon for free. I never imagined how much it would be. I had help from my fam wrapping and then re-wrapping. I also borrowed money to ship it. I took a loss however it was worth it because my customer was happy. So the first mailing cost quotes were between 254-368.00 from California to Brooklyn New York. Needless to say I came home and nearly died lol. My fam was very helpful and re packaged it in a way that made it lighter and I borrowed money for the shipping cost. So we went back to the helpful peeps at UPS. They kept saying go down to the Post Office for lower rates lol. Yet I just could not travel to another place with this giant painting. So my new quote was expensive but bearable. It was 108.11. It was like yay! So we sent it. A few days later she received it and loved and she showed me where she hung it on her wall. It was so amazing to see my art way in New York on a wall for all to see. So thank you dearest Francine!

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