We need more public bathrooms now!

Most businesses in town have started saying “No public Restrooms” whether you make a purchase or not. All along city streets you see signs of humans going to the bathroom anywhere they can. This is unacceptable especially when we are trying to protect our health. You would think during a pandemic someone somewhere would make sanitation issues a priority but no. In fact our cities have become more dirty because people can’t go to the bathroom as they need to. People are elderly, pregnant, on medications, ill and otherwise just need to go to a bathroom while they are not home. Not everyone has a job that has a bathroom. Not everyone is near one of the very few places that will let you in to go. It is by discretion as well. This means anytime they don’t like the crowd they can simply place an “Out of Order” sign up and be done with it. More must be done. This poor person seemed to have just grabbed something and urinated into it. I saw this while walking down an L.A. street. That was kind considering the amounts of urine trails we now see on the sidewalk. It is human to go to the toilet. We should all be able to.

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