On this day in 2020

I saw this guy styling so hard. What was hilarious is he asked to take pics of me then I asked to take pics back lol! I had another sighting of him in a train station about 6 months after this.

Happy Credit Card Holder Day to Me

As someone who has never bothered to build a credit history after all of these years this is huge! You know I just thought it would be okay not to owe anyone anything at anytime. Yet now I’m at the point I see I need to have credit to do certain things. Even rentals etc. they treat you really different as a cash customer. Not to mention credit is also used to verify your identity more now than ever which they were not doing so much before. I have not had utilities or an apartment under my name so there was not anything building in all of this time. So now I’m doing it. I encourage others to as well. I used the Self Credit app. Made 35.00 a month payments 4 times on time and today they are using my balance toward this card. It will increase shortly. Not to mention I will ask if I can add more for more credit. One thing I learned is creditors prefer you use 30 percent of your balance and pay that. Most do not do that. Not sure I will but that’s interesting lol. I will probably just pay what I spend off every statement. So happy credit card holder day to me lol! 💐🥰

Thank you Kind Stranger 2019

The rest of the story is I saw him the following week at the coffee shop. He was describing all of the things he wanted to do website wise. Then he veered over into selling clothes. Without the clothes. Then I agreed to meet him in another few weeks to talk about things. Well I took the bus to meet him again. For some reason I had been like 30 min late. The bus was running wonky. He was not there. I felt bad and sort of stuck around to see if he too was late. Well after a while I left I felt bad and was also worried something happened. Well I went to the same place about a week later. He was very mad at me. He explained that he really needed to see me at the time we agreed on because he was living in a shelter and they had strict rules about what time he needed to be back. I felt terrible I apologized. Then he kind went into some other rant that let me know I could not really do anything. So I went to the cashier and gave them six 6.00 so he could get something when he came in. Of course he was well known. As a result of whatever went down that kind of made it the last time I went there. So many lessons I learned. One be more timely no matter who it is. Two sadly when people are in different situations they may not be all there. Third just leave things as they are instead of trying to expand them. Because I wanted to think the best of this person but instead I lost a cool place and the respect of a stranger. It is what it is.

No more booze y’all

You know usually when people swear off drinking it’s after a bad night. They get real sick and say oh man I don’t ever want to drink again. For me this is not the case. In fact the other day I had the best drink I ever had. So good in fact I saw my self as becoming addicted to it and more versions of it. In my life I have special guy who is also no longer drinking. Thing is he did not drink much at all. So little in fact that it’s like what is the point? I’ve been marinating on this decision for days. Reflecting on my last few drinking experiences. It has been feeling unnatural. I’m not able to drink enough to get drunk. I don’t want to get drunk. I don’t feel particularly “better”. It’s just me throwing in some alcohol lol. It’s just me trying to boost up my tab at restaurants. It’s just me joining some toast. It’s just me drinking alone when something happened I can’t talk about. Now mind you I was not drinking a lot at all. If I bought bottles I always shared. So my intake was always less. My goal in recent times is not to get drunk. However it has felt more pointless than ever. Then I started to realize how important it is to be an example. Of sober living for everyone who is fighting this. It is a lifetime battle especially for those who have been overcome. You know the whole sure I will just have a glass a wine with dinner. Or pick a small bottle here and there for shots etc. all pointless and an incredible waste of money. If I’m being honest I actually no longer want to be seen drinking in public. That is not the life of “Flowerheadwoman”. She is all about living, creating, being in love, helping people. Drinking or anything else is just not apart of it. Even though it’s been happening on and off. However so many times stuff has not been great. I also have not felt great. Then I started getting messages from God about how many times He bailed me out of alcohol situations. About how many times He saved my life when I put myself in danger. Some of the stuff was years ago which makes it all the more stupid for me to try and come back. I must see all influences as my enemy. So the last delish perfect drink I had was the Bourbon root beer float. It was the best experience for me to close out on lol! This past Cinco De Mayo I made the most perfect margaritas ever lol. Then before that I started to love Hennessy for a couple months I had a few bottles of that. Love it lol. So much so I spent 30 bucks on glasses baring their name. Yep gave them away. Not to mention all of the times I had small drinks and shots with someone special. When I told him I no longer wanted to do it he said he fully supports my decision and wants to join me. Because he really doesn’t drink that much and he was doing it to impress me lol. Well the tables have turned. No one has ever followed my example on much except fashion styles lol! Seriously though if there is anyone out there who wants to cut down drinking or fully quit join me. For me I have not had a drink in 3 days. I’m marking each day on my calendar with a brain 🧠 emoji. That really fits lol! You know I listened to an episode of Red Table Talk with Kelly Osbourne and no one was more happy to be on that show than her. Yet what was so moving was she and Jada, her mother and Willow had similar issues with booze and other substances. I’m like nooooo. How can God give me more wisdom if I keep clouding my brain even temporarily? I am not trying to mask pain. I am not trying to relive tragedy. I am not trying to self medicate. I am not trying to stimulate myself. I am not trying to numb out. My only mission in life now is to thank God for all He has done and help as many as they will allow me and be where He sends me. That’s it. I want to Glorify the Lord. I will not let in house drama drive me to drink. I will not allow the feeling of powerlessness overcome me. I will proudly say “no thank you”. You know no matter how old you are there is peer pressure. Social pressure etc. So yeah this is me announcing my intended sober life. If anything changes you will be the first to know:)..

Denny’s always hits the spot

I built my own omelet on this one. You know as much as I love trying new food and going to new restaurants I have to say Denny’s is my fave. The peeps are cool, it’s a great place to stop and organize, talk for a long time to someone in person or on the phone without people interrupting because they need the table. Delish food. They just kind of whip up whatever you’re in the mood for. Denny’s saved my life once. The location was open 24 hours and for some reason it was the rainiest night. I could not get home because it was one of those areas that bus service ended early. I am thankful I had like 15 bucks to spend. I literally was in there from 9pm til like 5:30 in the morning. Keep in mind this was before Lyft and I did not have data on my phone. Those people in there were awesome. There was a point where I kind of told them what happened about me not being able to get home because of the bus. For some reason the rain was insane like all through the night. I could not give them the tips they deserved. They kept giving me coffee, then tea and some pancakes. Stuff to write on. Phone died in like a couple hours. Of course silly me did not have a charger or power bank. I mean it was incredible. When I decided to leave I thanked everyone. Then I got outside and thanked God for them saving me from who knows what. I cried. Of course it also taught me about the importance of checking bus schedules and how soon local buses end. I know things are better now with information but still keep your route back in mind. I was visiting someone in a hospital far away from where I lived and just got stuck. I had no friends with cars. Just me lol. The omelet above is from a very happy day by the way. In which I went with someone who loves everything with eggs lol!

Finally I cropped them all lol

It is true. I cropped all of my floral hair dress pictures that were taken prior to my dental work getting completely. It’s a personal thing. I know there are still plenty of pictures out there that show how my smile was. It is what it is. The pictures are from May 2018 til like March 15th of this year. I had over a thousand pictures of my floral hair dresses. However when doing the cropping only 770 were worth posting. The others I deleted. The new album shows my styles after my dental work:)..It was crazy because I had my picture on business cards, postcards even my bank card. I had to change all of it to reflect my new smile lol. Oh well. Onward and upward. Here is the album. Floral hair dresses prior to March 2021

Me and this baby are friends

I’ve been on it for 3 days for 20 min each day. Tomorrow I take a day off and then back again. I’m so excited to finally be serious about working out. Not only that I’m calorie counting. Meaning no more than 1800 calories a day. Of course trying to start drinking 100 oz of water a day. I hope to see the results I want. I know I will miss a thing some days in the beginning. What I love the most is no matter what I do it is more than what I was doing. Off to buy more stuff to work out in.

On this day in 2017

I got this sweet message from a young philanthropist on my page at the time. I hope she is continuing her work as I am continuing mine💐

Protect yourself online y’all a tip

Don’t fall for Facebook question games like these because these questions can be used to access your passwords to other websites you visit. Beware of “what was your first this or that?” What year was it when you were 10? A guy on Facebook posted just some of the supposed Facebook game questions scammers use. Another thing people common do is ask a question so they will be able to send you a direct message.

Since they won’t tell you I will

At CVS please keep your receipts for returns. If you make returns without a receipt they can actually ban you from making returns without a receipt. How long? 180 days as in 6 months! There is no warning. There are no signs posted about the store opting not to accept your return without a receipt. The cashier will hand you this form like one below. It’s kind of an embarrassing experience because most of the cashiers do not about what is happening. So imagine you show ID as requested. They slide it through and the system sends an alert and tells them to stop the transaction to give you back the items you were returning. Not to give you store credit or refund your money. You ask them of what happened? They look puzzled and say they don’t know call the number. I did call the number. All to speak to guy who is probably use to hearing irate people. He was firm and informed me that this is the policy and I was in fact banned from doing any receipt less returns for 180 days. I asked to speak to a supervisor he said there is no one to hand the phone to. He offered to have someone call me back. In 24-48 hours. So it may not happen. I am sharing this experience so you can be sure you keep your receipt. It is strange because you are presenting your ID per transaction. It is to track your activity so keep that in mind. I will be contacting the corporate office. Because we as customers deserve to know of these policies before being turned away in line suddenly. Not to mention the employees should be able to explain or make exceptions in certain situations. I’ll let you know what happened lol!

I’m “Google-able? Lol

The other day of my online peeps told me when she put my Flowerheadwoman and Rose Pink Bouquet in the Google search I now take all the top spots. That was never true in my life before. I used to have fairly big accounts too and it did not happen. You can see this blog my Instagram, Twitter other places on the web. The greatest thing to me is when you go to images it’s me on the first few pages. Me and some paintings lol. I’m so excited. I know this is a milestone. I’m glad she told me because I went an update a few things that were expired.

On this day

In 2016 I was playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. I had to screen shot this pivotal moment in which I am with Kim and me meeting Kris Jenner! This is probably the only way this will happen but you never know. The do live here in California. They could have driven by me a million times already lol. This was during the time I was known as Awesomepinkgirll. As you can imagine I was fully pink. As you can see my character is also as pink as can be. You know in video game world most pink items are a paid item you have to wait until you reach a certain level to get. I always love games in which you can customize as many things as possible lol!

The best sermon on tithing ever

In case you did not know this about me I am a tither. I have done it on and off for half of my life. I have never regretted doing it. Only the times I stopped tithing. If you are on this path do not stop. If you are uncomfortable about where you are tithing listen to some pastors online and tithe to those whose message resonates with you. It is ideal to tithe locally to a church you attend. Yet for people like me I tithe to many places. Yes even mega churches. I do not worry about what those pastors do because God is paying attention to my ability to follow instructions. I have no doubt that if the pastor is not doing as promised God will deal with those issues. Too often we neglect our promises because we imagine someone else is doing something we do not like. Sometimes we let those we know tell us not to tithe. Here is the thing if you get money from anything or anyone at all you can tithe from it. If you do have authority to tithe from the whole house money don’t. God will know all. Just your part will be a blessing to your home. So let’s say someone is giving you 5.00 a day you can and should set aside even the .50 cents from that. If you can’t send that just save it up until a bigger amount. More now than ever churches have ways to give online use them. Whatever you have to do get in your tithe. Especially once you make the commitment. Listen to this pastors sermon to better understand what tithing really is. How it applied in the past and what it means for us as a people today. As far as my life experience it has been nothing but positive. I did encounter certain problems while being a tither. Yet problems and issues happen in every life. Never let anyone tell you that your problems are caused by a thing you did or did not do. It does not work that way. You are not that powerful lol. Sadly at one point I believed I was having issues because I missed a tithe. If you miss make it up next time or start completely again. Just stick with it because it feels right in your heart. Anyway this guy has a much clearer explanation that I could ever give. Check it out. https://youtube.com/watch?v=3k6EaDdQJbY&feature=share

High heels!

No really high platform heels lol! I decided along with my pink shoe collection I’d also include a bevy of reds as well. There are just so many awesome shades to choose from. Yesterday I was lucky enough to go on an amazing shopping trip and was able to fit these beauties that were sitting in a boutique window. They looked like they’d fit and fit they do. These are among the tallest heels I’ve had in a long time. I will need some indoor wearing and practice to be honest. I used to be a master at wearing heels. Yet when I no longer had a car of my own I sort if gave up on wearing them. They just did not seem practical. Well enough of that lol! There is nothing like being out and about in a pair of sky high heels like these babies here. I realized something about this new fashion journey you can say its awash in all shades of reds including pinks with pops of other colors lol! It is what it is💐

New pink tennis shoes!

Awww yeah it is happening my new pink shoe collection is off to an amazing start. These babies here are Adidas. I’m collecting all shades of pink in as many types as possible. I am so excited about buying pink things again lol!

My favorite emergency room is closed:(

Sadly these guys are permanently closed. I have gone there whenever I did not feel good over the years. The nurses and drs were always very kind and they got you seen immediately. They had staff that were allowed to have tattoos and blue hair lol! I had referred many people there and all were happy. It’s an end of an era. This is a picture from my last visit in 2020. At that moment the lobby was empty. There I am waiting to be seen.

An abused penny lol!

I love and collect pennies. So it was a complete  shock when I saw one be cut right in front of me lol! I applied to one of those jobs that did not exactly say it was a commission job. The building was in a seedy part of town and in a shady building. Yet I at that time went to check it out. I get into the office and there is one gentlemen who’s doing the interview. After being made to watch 2 videos with young college students professing to make a killing working the job. The interviewer comes out and tells me that we would be selling and demonstrating knives lol. He showed me a brand new set invited me to pick one up, asked me what I did for a living. Anyway not long after more details about this company he said wanna see something cool? I’m like yes! So he takes out a penny and cuts it like this with the knife lol! I could not believe it. He said yeah when customers see this they want the knives right away lol! I was pretty impressed. Yet I also knew I would not be taking the commission based job. I did ask him for this cut penny. He said sure I throw these away everyday lol! So I still have this baby.

Some days like yesterday

I do not have time to do a head full of flowers so I’ll just whip up a living floral fascinator and go lol! It is pretty rare tho. What is pretty crazy is when some people ask where are all of the flowers. I’m like in their vases at home lol!

Girl spill

Well y’all it was just one of those days. I am not sure how it worked out only that it happened. I had my brand new light pink socks and tennis shoes on. I was out having a great time with my one and only. All was going well a little French food and wine was involved. We were saying our goodbyes and the worst thing happened. I felt a gush and a rush down my leg. Yep I knew I was on my period. I had a pad on but for some reason what happened went beyond that. It just gushed out hard. Anyway I asked a woman for napkins because I spilled “something”. There was a woman sitting across from me who may have seen it but I’m not sure she was cool. She was with a guy. Anyway I wiped the floor. Went to my bag grabbed a new pad. Rushed to the bathroom. I rinsed my tennis shoe and sock. Only a slight trace remained. Panties were flooded rinsed them as well. So my foot and panties were wet. Thank God I decided to wear black today of all days. I don’t normally but from now on I may lol. Anyway I came out and pretended like nothing happened. I brought a paper towel and re wiped the floor. My fear was someone would mop and see it. So we all left. I could not go on so I left early. I just felt so devastated and embarrased but I’m not sure who saw what. I am writing this for everyone who has experienced this it happens. It is awful but hey..

Finally I caught the Medi-Vac!

I cannot explain how happy I was the other day when I took this picture! There have been a hand full of times I’ve seen the medical helicopter on its way to Cedar Sinai Hospital to land on the roof. I could never get my phone out, on and the camera quick enough. I would always miss it. Yet on that day I was able to be in the right place. My phone was actually off when I first saw it. I’m like noooo it has to happen this time lol. The phone came on and I activated the camera and I captured this amazing shot just before the helicopter landed. Whew! Lol

Sugar Saturday’s are in effect

It’s true. Yesterday I really tried to avoid added sugar and treats. I did ok until someone at home offered me a few shots of Chambord in new shot glasses lol. I am avoiding alcohol, soda, candy, cookies, cakes, pies, sodas. Then of course not adding sugar to cereals or teas etc. the whole idea is to have what ever treats I want on Saturday only. Not to over indulge that day but to kind of make it special with a sugary treat.. I got this concept from someone who has the most amazing body and he swears by the lifestyle so I am joining him in this. I know I will be surprised at how much sugar I won’t be having lol. So today is technically my first day even though yesterday was when it was when I really tried lol! Needless to say Strawberry Fraps will not be happening unless it’s a Saturday💐

If you’re really doing a new thing

Do not get sucked into comparing yourself to others. Don’t respond to others who mention you negatively in some way publicly. If you know there are a lot of people you don’t agree with in your industry let them be. Just be that other choice for people to know exist. Give everyone your best and let things take over. It’s possible your audience will love all of you. That is ok. People are moody. They like variety just like you and me. It is like shopping. The person who buys a hand made item from me may also have a closet full of a name brand items. Sadly online especially among new businesses, models, content creators there is a sentiment of everything being them versus the world. People who are estimated to be on their level and beyond such as celebrities. This is just not a good way to approach things we can and should enjoy everyone. We don’t have to hate anyone who is not doing what we are and how we do it. Recently I was listening to a content creator who seems like he follows Christ and is on the rise. Lately this person has chosen to start “calling out” others on the platform. Saying things about how he is protecting viewers from things others are saying. Reading comments from the “haters”. This type of thing. This person never did this before and it is very disappointing because the message was amazing and the person’s fame is rising. Even though I consider this move a mistake I really did learn a lot from them before this turn. I am hoping the person will come to their senses and get back on track. If nothing else it teaches me the importance of staying with my own messages. My own way. Also notice I’m expressing my opinion on my own page. Sadly online it is very easy to become a person who is really just commenting on current events that are already being covered to exhaustion. Rather than someone who is taking people to a new place and making them think about other things. I have heard certain men who say they are religious have whole dissertations about how women should look and dress and behave. Then jump immediately into speaking badly about our current celebrities. You know if they were really focused on helping their women of their faith they would not have time to see or hear the goings on with the celebrity world at all. Not to mention they would bother to name names of those on their “ideal” women list. These types do not usually elaborate on what certain women can even do to “improve”. Then their audience is right there in the comments bashing certain types of women too. You know chances are those women do not want these supposedly religious men anyway. So they are not obligated to “appeal” to them. As far certain women “being an example” all women need to know of all types of women. We can’t tell our girls that pretty women are fake, or unhappy. We can’t teach that women who are living a different lifestyle is affecting them. It is no secret the internet responds more to the sex driven population. I do not see it changing. It is up to each one of us to decide if we want that attention in that way from that audience or not. Some people have plans for their lives we do not understand or see. For example some people are just doing things a certain way and they will get out. Others are doing things a way while they are young and confident. Others have not even chosen their spiritual path yet. Others could be influenced by others they admire. So we have no right to judge what is going on. If we truly do not agree with anything we see why mention their names? Why describe the things they say and do? It is not raising awareness. It is promotion and slandering of their names and image on their “platform”. If we are doing something we feel is good we need to stay strong and be as entertaining as we can. Because when people’s eyes veer towards us we want then to see or read something that they just for a second takes them somewhere else. Just for a second makes them feel like a free innocent kid again. Instead of a packed in adult. It is nice to be an option on the menu. Because even the most hyper sexual person can still appreciate people who are and live a conservative way of life. The goal should not be to convert anyone but rather them just see how we live. See how we speak. See the words we do not use in our vocabulary. Show that we are not emulating entertainers and such. See how we are in the world but not of it. Yet we still believe in everyone. When the Lord touches them they will change everything on a dime. Just like many of us have and we will continue to improve.

My other one is pink

Yep I’m making an amazing return to the pink side of life. However it must be said I do not intend to become 100 percent pink the way I was before. Let’s just say I’ll be awash in the beautiful pink. It has been so exilerating to shop for pink lingerie, slippers, heels, dresses oh my lol. I do love every color honestly yet I have to admit pink is my best favorite. The second is red. The list goes on and on. So for this past week I’ve been in a much more pink world. We’ll see what happens.💐

No one wanted the fabric I suppose lol

I had left a giant trash bag full of cool stuff. Including a new Samsung wireless phone charger, Hunter boots, new flat shoes, vases, plastic near new organizers and a whole lot more. I also included a bunch of unused fabric. Literally everything else was taken except that lol! Hey guess no sewers were around for this one lol.

I just love 2 dollar bills

I have always dreamed of giving these away to strangers on my birthday 11-02. I got it in my change at the Post Office. The guy who gave it to me on this day in 2020. We were both marveling at it. He asked me if I would like it. I enthusiastically said yes. I brought it home and showed everyone then put it in the Bible. I still have it which is so awesome.

The “floral dept” at Ralph’s

Including a little reworking of the Valentine’s Day stock lol! One week before Mother’s Day 2021. People often suggest shopping for flowers in these places but honestly you can’t always depend on them to have the right amounts of flowers because of the holidays/occasions every month. Not to mention the peeps who shop for them to decorate their tables and such. In the beginning of my flower wearing I would look in my supermarkets florals just to buy a few flowers to wear as bow. That was pretty much all I wanted at the time. I looked for flowers on sale of course. Shriek when there were some in a sale bin. Sadly when they are on sale they are about to die. Bouquets will contain dead flowers. So I would salvage what was left and wear them. The floral departments in supermarkets can be really hard to get a live person so you have to go early. In the beginning of my floral wearing I asked a couple store florist about what happens to the flowers they do not want. I was hoping to hear about extreme low prices or how they gave them away. Not so. Some company comes by and retrieves the ones left lol! Now that I wear so many specific ones it would be impossible to do in a super market. Not to mention they constantly change the types they have. So if I developed a favorite kind or color(s) I would not be able to keep going there to get them.

Today is my 3rd year

Creating and wearing my floral hair dresses! What a time it has been. I remember having so many amazing flowers from my Florian Superhero. I was sitting in front of my mirrored closet on the floor looking in the mirror and thinking hmmmmm. I wonder what it be like if I could try and add all of these on my head at the same time? I had never done it before. This is what I came up with in the picture. I remember feeling so accomplished that I had so many colors and varieties of flowers in my hair. Then I was like that is it. Flowers will become my hair lol! The reactions I got from my Florian Superhero, friends and family were awesome and I appreciate everyone’s support. I remember wearing my new creation that first day and so many said they had never seen anything like it. Some said they had only seen certain pictures. So the next day I created another and pretty much my whole life changed. I was getting more than enough flowers and it was so nice to show my appreciation for them all in this way. It inspired many to give me flowers as well and I love them all. I appreciate all of the local florist and growers as well as the ones across the world who make it possible for me to have some of the most exotic flowers I have ever seen. I have had no formal training in floral styling. Just me, some pins and a mirror. Now on certain styles in the beginning there were errors lol! For example in order to get a lot of pins I went to my corner store and bought so many packs of theirs for a low price. Then right on the pack I one day read it had a Prop 65 warning. I was devastated lol! So I ended up throwing them away and buying higher quality ones that do not have those notices. The next thing was learning to make these styles stable enough to really wear and not just take photos of. In the first few months I would most definitely lose flowers while I was out. At the time I thought it was fun until I realized that it just left a giant hole in my creation. As in instead of covering my head I had patches of seen hair lol! There came a point when I became obsessed with the idea of full coverage. So I started add more flowers and including other living and dried botanicals to the mix. I have perfected keeping everything in place. I also take public transport as in buses and trains. So they are always bouncier and the fans are crazy at the train station. So I had to really learn placement and security lol. Another cool thing is small children tell their mothers I have flowers for my hair and that I do not have normal hair at all. I’m like yes! That is the idea. Speaking of children they love seeing these styles. Sometimes they are out with their busy parents and try and get them to see me. They describe me with urgency and the parent finally looks up and says oh wow she really does have a flower head lol. Some children have been the only ones who have seen me and they’ve told adults about me and they don’t always believe it until one day they finally see me. So I am sort of a “Kid Myth” to some. Most are very kind. Then an unexpected thing happened. I became quite well known for my floral creations. People started asking if I could do styles for them or models they knew. I have always declined. Others thought what I was wearing was some sort of hat. It is not lol. The main reason I decline is I know most cannot handle the amount of pinning I do to attach the flowers. Some of these creations weigh a lot. Some may actually be allergic to items I may regularly use. Plus I do not have a hair license. I need that because I have to style the hair in order to add everything. Third I have chosen these looks as apart of my signature style I have adopted. One of the best things is I literally wear a new “hair do” everyday. I have never worn the same style twice. Of course I have the over 1100 pictures to prove it lol! Most styles can last a full day. However I have made two sets of creations in the same day. Another big thing even here in Los Angeles these looks really stand out and people take my picture constantly. The most amazing thing is the fact people seem to keep the pictures even years ago right in their phone. So when they run into me again they show me and of course take a new picture lol. If I am sitting outside or near a window in a restaurant even in traffic as a passenger or driver people always stop, wave and take pictures. I am so honored. I enjoy what happens so much and I do not take it for granted because I know it does not have to happen. I am thankful to those who go out with me and are patient with those who are very enamored with these looks and they stop and want to talk about it lol. Before I started doing these floral styles I had pink hair for years. I started adding just some flowers to that. I did that for quite a few months. In fact when I started I was wearing all pink. When I started adding the variety of colors thanks to the flowers I was no longer the “pink lady”. I was the flower lady. Miss flowers, flower queen, princess flowers, Mother Nature, Eve, garden girl, Rosy head, flower girl, or most commonly flower head or flower head lady. Those are just a few of the amazing names the public has referred to me as. Then when I started doing full heads I tried having dark brown hair. At the time it reminded me of dark soil which looked amazing. After a while of that I started to want a more topiary look so now I have green hair it so perf lol! I have included green eyebrows to maximize the look. The next challenge I ran into was is being able to go everywhere in my floral ‘do. I had one museum ask me to leave if my flowers were real. She insinuated they could attract bugs lol. Of course this has not been true. If it were I could not do it at all. Of course in working or volunteering situations most do not want me to wear it. It’s like their imagination takes off for the negative lol. Of course I know I could not visit certain medical patients with it. I also will forgo my do if I am trying to accompany someone to a medical appointment or the person is not well enough. Simply because too many want to approach and since I am with them it is not a good time. I have a had a few say they would not want me to wear it if I went to their wedding or other special event. However those occasions I probably won’t be going to. It is good to know how they feel lol. These types are strangers anyway. Every now and then I will hear from some woman who lets just say has a bad relationship with flowers and I get to hear her say something sort of catty lol. Some want to remind you that other cultures wear florals. Or they will mention they too wear flowers or have in the past. They instantly speak of other floral related memories in a weird way. Or express general uncomfortably being a around a woman with a head full of flowers. Flowers have always been around and available. In fact it has taken all the way up to 2017 for me to even start wearing flowers consistently. Then full head May 2nd 2018. So most of my life I wore flowers or botanicals rarely. However in these years I have more than made up for it lol. It is sad when some act as if I have anything to do with them as I wear my own signature style. Other people are known for their hair cuts, colors and looks. If I were to adopt their lengths, cuts or elements of their creativity they’d have something to say. Especially if we were somehow in close proximity. So there are slight haters known and unknown. However I have experienced weird commentary from certain chicks at all phases of my creative life. So nothing bothers me. Some just have some idea that you should not do anything to stand out lol. Yeah not happening lol. One of the best things that happened is I no longer was like anyone hair wise. No color has been off limits. No hair height/length is wrong. No colors and combos are wrong. Plus no one can even imagine I have anything like theirs lol. These are not generic ideas lol. Now in my life people really do want to see me in the full regalia. I have had so many express disappointment if I am not wearing my flowers that day. They ask when I will have them or what happened? Lol. So it is safe to say it is well loved. I hope to really continue this for as long as I possibly can. A question people often ask how long does it take. In the beginning or took two hours now I can do most looks on myself in an hour and a half. I am thankful to the Dear Lord who has allowed me to start and continue this amazing life in flowers. I am glad that for now I am not allergic to anything I have worn. Although I know I cannot wear tulips around my face. Also the back of my neck gets hot quick so I have wear durable leaves and flowers there. I am thankful to my Florian Superhero who has always had an amazing eye for flowers, and other botanicals. Not to mention he is all about floral safety and no babies breath. He makes sure my floral babies are largely untreated. Not to mention he knows just how very many I need. The insane varieties of flowers I’ve had the honor of wearing. Making it so I can truly wear them daily. He has made many floral promises to ensure I’ll be able to keep this going. He also kept me in the most amazing flowers all during 2020 when most florists were closed. The supermarkets we not selling flowers or had serious problems. That was an unexpected feat I’m so thankful for. Things are only getting better. I am painting flowers on canvas as well as flowers themselves. I am creating botanical fashions and accessories. All of my hand made fabric fashions are inspired by my floral ‘do. I’m entering floral show cases. Getting modeling opportunities. I have already appeared in a movie in which I was in full flowers. So many want to hear about my life as a flowerhead and I love sharing about it. Not to mention so really huge things are coming up. So yay lol! ❤️

On this day in 2020

I made my first mask. Of course so many people were getting into making masks and selling. I kind of sat it out. I only made a few more throughout the year. People do ask if I make them. I may get into it:).

The time Paris Hilton followed me on Instagram

It was during my all pink phase. Anyway not only did she follow me she also liked pics and commented. At that time I felt my online life was made because she is literally the most famous and richest person who knew I was alive lol. Sadly I had deleted that whole account. It was for a relationship. Word to all my peeps online do not delete your social media for your love life. Especially if you know you are not posting vulgar stuff or using it as a dating tool. I deleted my Instagram account with over 30;000 followers I may never have those numbers again. Or Paris Hilton lol. She has not followed my new one. This was a memory for a lifetime. Paris is always connected to pink. At that time she had a Rose Pink campaign so it made it all the more special. Of course Paris is welcome back anytime💕 in case you see this my new Instagram is http://instagram.com/flowerheadwoman ☺️

The time I went to taste candy and got paid for it

Yep back in 2019 I was chosen to do a candy tasting. The place was very specific about wearing perfumes or other distracting items. So I could not wear my floral ‘doux for this, Only thing though the building was super far away on the bus but I made it barely on time. The 3rd bus stopped right in front of the building lol. The place was very professional and clean. Anyway they gave me a whole candy bar. Then a small glass of water and sat me down next to a computer. Others were there but we did not see each other and were not allowed to interact. So the computer had questions that would pop up right in time with us biting into the candy. I had dental problems at that time so I could not believe how many nuts that candy had. It was like someone put a whole candy bars worth of nuts and covered that with chocolate lol! So here I was struggling to eat this. Anyway I answered honestly and told them the candy was not good. There were too many nuts. The nuts were not salted and the chocolate was not sweet. Anyway the whole thing lasted about 5 minutes including me getting paid. I was surprised when they handed me a white envelope with 35 dollars cash. I went across the street took a picture of the candy and the money at the bus stop as I was returning home. Some people thought it was a long way to go for just 35 dollars lol. Yet that time I was like 35 dollars for 5 minutes work. Never mind my whole trip was 6 hours. Of the buses were charging then soooo. Yeah not much profit but I enjoyed the experience. They have called me back but I have not been able to reconnect with them since.

Lipstick and the mask

Well after a few too many times taking off my mask and my lipgloss was all over my face. I figured out what I am going to do. I am not using matte formulas or lipstains or any product screaming it won’t come off for a million years. What I am doing is leaving the house lipgloss free. Then after arrive where I can be mask free I will add the lipgloss. When it is time to leave and put on my mask I will remove the lipgloss. Yep this is pretty much how it will be a while I suppose. I do not want to give up makeup during this time lol.

Bouquet Costumes is born!

To be honest all of my life I wanted to make costumes for other people and me. I once worked at a costume shop for the Halloween season every year for over 10 years. I did so until the amazing owner passed away. It’s been years but the memories remain. We all have heard of the children who did not really want to dress in normal clothes and chose to wear their costume everywhere. My life is now inspired by those whose clothes are more like costumes. In fact when I get dressed and go out doing just about anything some will say hey nice costume. I did not think my real life look was a costume but now I fully embrace the term. Especially after reading it was in fact a normal term for various clothing styles. It does not always mean a superhero etc. I am thankful to those who actually want items I wear. As well as those who buy the things I have made by hand. My items are all one of a kind and maybe a little more non practical. I have sold items to both men and women. I have no target market. In that I feel the word costume fits perfect. http://instagram.com/bouquetcostumes

I make bed dolls

Here is one I made that got sold to a woman all the way in Londonberry Ireland. The concept behind this in my mind was the fact that many are confined to their beds for a time. I wanted to make a character who shows off what that means. Yesterday someone saw it in Facebook memories and asked me to please make one. I’m so happy because I have new ideas for how they will look. Here is the one I made way back in 2017.

I have been trying to start a Sewing Club

A woman who bought something from me hooked me up with an amazing fabric source. I had 5 spools of thread I bought that were much too thick for most projects. It was also too thick to use in a sewing machine so I left them outside and fairly quick someone picked them up. You know when an idea is placed on your heart you really have to try and stick with it. Even if it is not going exactly the way you originally pictured it. I thought I wanted to start some sort of online group with people who liked to sew and we could exchange items. Yet the way this is going now I can share with even more kinds of people in more places. Including locally. I also have the opportunity to sell things that are in excess. These are the 3 types of fabrics I recently acquired. Many, many yards of each that are to create some amazing things. I am picking up more different fabric this week.

Bad Experience or Teaching Moment?

As we know people are more sensitive than ever about how they are treated by others in general. Especially when we go out to eat. We want that time to be special and the food to be delish. We want our servers to be happy to see us whether it is our first time there or our millionth. Sometimes I like going to a new place by myself. I do that when I am looking for a nice place to bring people. I sort of test it out so when I recommend it I know basically how everything is. It is also cool when me and the other people are there it’s like “Oh hello nice to see you again, I see you brought someone” lol! For the most part it is awesome. Yet every once in a while some things happen that leave you knowing the experience was not what it should be. In today’s world or name and shame it is entirely too easy to jump online give a terrible review about the restaurant. Yet I have learned to be thoughtful even if I am not entirely happy with how things went at first. Allow me to share an experience I recently had. I went to a cute trendy local place. Prices were reasonable meals were averaging 19.00-25.00 and they serve wine. So it gives you an idea of the kind of place. I would love to believe that I arrived dressed well. Asked for a table. My mood was up and manners were on as usual. However the restaurant is small and was just a little busy so when I was waiting almost 20 minutes for a menu it was off putting. I had what seemed to be two servers which was odd. One person had seated me and another person I sort of flagged down and asked for a glass of wine. To kind of indicate I was ready to order. Then the original waiter came and asked if I wanted to order. I did. He took the food and wine menus back. Less than two minutes later he brought the wine as well as the check. He was like “mean time this is for you”. I asked him “you want me to pay? Now?” He was like “well yes”. I inserted cash money in the black folder including his tip. As he picked it up I told him “this does not normally happen”. He did not say anything. So the other person whom I flagged down earlier had kind of sensed something was strange he came over and I shared with him that he made me pay right then. He looked horrified and went to the back. Next thing you know he brought my money back and said my tab was open. So I finished my wine before dinner and when the food came I ordered another glass. Speaking of the food it was beautiful and delicious for real. The other person seemed to have taken over my table. Now this person was kind, professional and respectful, when the time came his escorted me to the restroom as well. So I am really hoping he got the tip. I share this because I fully intend to go back to this restaurant because of the amazing wine and delicious food. Perfect location and I will bring others there and maybe even take some home. Now I could have written to the owner about what happened. I could have shared this on Yelp. I could have mentioned the fact that the other tables has the tea light candles lit and no one lit mine.. I could have called up there and spoken to a manager. Yet sometimes you can’t let one weird employee ruin your time or change your view of everyone there. Because it is obvious that one person has an issue. Or maybe he was just having a bad day. Whatever it is can be forgiven and disregarded. Hopefully what will happen is everyone will be happy to see me again and all will be well. Update: if you feel uncomfortable just do not go back. In this situation that is what I’m doing. Because if there is someone with an issue I don’t want them reminded of anything or having people uncomfortable. There are too many places to go. I have no point to prove. However tge above statement can be applied if you want to…

On this Day in 2020

An art client of mine In Los Angeles, Ca. showed me the amazing way she displayed my art in her home. She bought complimentary lighting and everything. I thought it was so amazing. I am very honored for her to have done this.

On this day in 2020

I had just finished this painting. “I tried as hard as I could”. I was relating to the medical professions who were trying desperately to save COVID patients yet failed. This one was sold immediately to a lady in Kansas, Mo. When other people saw it they wanted similar paintings as well which I did do. This was the first heart character that was wearing a mask which at the time was a new but urgent matter. So I needed to name the medical professional I called her Mildred. I made and sold 4 others that were similar. In fact I need to make some more of these babies.

I love giving away balloons.

These are red star balloons that remind me if the red star that Wonder Woman has. I tied the last ones I had to a bus stop. I hope they make whom ever found them happy. People always ask me why I have so many balloons. Others ask if they are for sale. Then when I ask if they want one these adults are so excited. So many say they have not had a balloon in years. They walk away very joyful. So every once in a while I go on a balloon giving spree. Yesterday was one such day❤.

Pink memories

I was featured on Sartorial Los Angeles:). Someone came and took my picture in DTLA. I was full pink including hair lol! Notice the follower Prayers? That is the famous Kat Von D’s husband. So that was cool. I made this outfit except the shoes and long sleeve shirt.

St Patrick’s Day 2020

Of course there was no going out. So dearest Opal made a ribbon floor to walk through. It was pretty fun. This is an insane amount of ribbon. So many shades so little time. 💚 Oh I dressed up my Gnome

Signs of fun around town

One thing I’ve learned is if you see people taking pictures take pictures too lol. You never know who people really are. These guys had been trying to get the perfect set of pics for a long time. They loved my doux and they were happy I took their pic lol! It was nice seeing friends having fun together.

Yes but why does all the cute stuff have a warning?

It is really sad that pretty cheap and cute things are full out poisons. I am thankful we can now make an informed purchase because of the warnings. Yet it is sad. It can affect people of all ages. It feels really unwise to just get an item anyway. Yet I imagine many simply have no choice because of the prices being low. People need to stop allowing harmful items to be sold. If a shop gets wholesale orders and like 50 percent has warning labels they should remove it from their store in person and online. We as consumers should not have to worry we will have serious problems after using something. You can’t even send a kid to the store with a few bucks without telling them to read the label. Or at least you should.

A message for Prince Phillip

I am honored to have been made aware of a place to leave a message of condolence for His Royal Highness Prince Phillip. Yes I am fully aware of my glaring spelling error and a possible mistake in addressing him. This is my first historical mistake. I hope I will be excused because of the grief we all feel.

On this day in 2016

I was at a bus station and I caught a pic of the full moon and the place was absolutely empty. It was rather enchanting at the time. On this night I made a very special phone call:)

The All Saints window in 2018

This is the location in Santa Monica. I’m so glad I got this picture when I did because their window looks nothing like this. The sewing machines are gone lol! UPDATE 2021 the machines are back lol!

I sold my phone but…. lol

The excitement was real. People got into a bidding war. A guy won it. He paid in a day. Then this… EBay’s money of course is already taken and they are holding mine for up to 21 days. The only way it’s coming in soon is if the customer leaves positive feedback when they receive it. Which brings to another point. Please leave feedback on EBay. People may wait up to 3 weeks for their money otherwise. I know some people don’t mind yet other sellers are a little more in need of their funds. PayPal does not give shipping money as you can see here. So the seller must come out of pocket to pay wrapping and postage first. Anyway I’ll be shipping his phone today and hoping he likes it lol.

On this day in 2020

My observation at the supermarket floral department. The state of the floral dept in the supermarkets these days. Most of these are dying. No one is working in the section because they are not “essential”… as a floral wearer and enthusiast this hurt my heart.

Imagine your name is Rose

You’re walking down the street and see this on the sidewalk. I was like prayers for who this was intended. Honestly I never saw any woman have something like this. Had people ask me do you think it was for you? I’m like oh really I’m doing that much out here? No I’m not that self absorbed. Smh.

On this day in 2020

This was my first time on a public bus when the pandemic began. This was the Big Blue Bus. It was so eerie. The seats were separated. Meaning every section was to have one set of seats were skipped.. We were encouraged not to sit together unless we were from the same household. If you traveled alone you could sit by yourself and the other seat empty.. The drivers barely spoke. For some reason the busses were not traveling at a normal speed. They were driving very slow. The front entrance was closed and we passengers had to enter through the back. The lights were exceptionally low. So I snapped this picture quickly. Now after a year things are getting more normal yet on the Metro bus we still enter from the back and we do not pay fare. The busses are now crowded and no one cares about sitting next to each other. However the area in front is still roped off. They allow seniors to enter through the front. Yet some busses allow all in front. The local busses have started charging fares again and everyone enters through the front. They seem like they are pretty much back to normal.